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  1. Per the strong system early week - Denver is forecasted to have a high of 100F on Sunday the 9/6 - which would be the latest 100F recorded for Denver. Tuesday 9/8- the forecasted high is 37F- the earliest sub 40F high recorded. Same thing looks to be felt across the Plains except not as drastic.
  2. another derecho video. (skip to 2:30 to 4:30 min mark) for the good stuff.
  3. Pretty sure the state record non tornadic wind gust is 120mph per a disco I had with the NWS last week at this time. So if the130 is verified it should be a state record but probably will not because it was not "measured".
  4. Got commercial power back here at 1pm today. Power was out 50 hours. Some family members still without power and it's not exactly cool out. Luci lights, battery packs and Yeti grade coolers saved hundreds of dollars of meat for my self. Commercial power. Don't take it for granted
  5. If you were on I-80 just W of DSM about 15 miles-- within 3 miles of my place.
  6. This is a major N / S artery on in DSM going to work earlier today at 3:30. A full 4 hours after the event. A lot of work needs to be done and local power company says 2-3 days for most to get power back. I just loaded the freezer with deer meat and crab.
  7. This is looking ENE from ATC Tower. Again- should be solid light everywhere.
  8. Following pic is looking N into the heart of DSM from the ATC tower (where I work). The red light in on the right is Principle Building in downtown. Supposed to be lights all the way between ATC and downtown. Weird out. Good night for the telescope.
  9. Don't usually post here in the summer but todays winds are worthy. 133000 customers with no power at peak (do the math- that's all of DSM metro and burbs) What got me was that 50 mph winds lasted nearly 20 mins-- the longest duration I've witnessed. Airport peak wind of 75 mph but easily 90mph other places in DSM. Radar image shows 85-105mph just off the ground -- thej time stamp is EDT.
  10. iCON (06Z) with a W shift in IA. It's not much- but the difference from a trace to 2" is huge.
  11. ^^ better run- but tongue in cheek as the 18Z and barely a thing here ...
  12. Here is the plume page -- https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/sref/srefplumes/ For some reason the plumes update faster than the maps
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