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    2020 Election

    Good call on this topic!
  2. 69 here with filtered sun through a smoke layer aloft... visibility is very good.
  3. AQI at 12 here... despite the smoke aloft and a reddish sun.
  4. New 12Z Canadian smoke model for Friday morning...
  5. You lost me here. If this is a "fake pandemic" designed to destroy Trump... why do places like Australia and most of Europe and Mexico and even parts of Africa have lock downs and strict mandates as well? The Democrats got an extra 6 billion people to play along with their little game and destroy their economies as well?
  6. Just checked and still clear here as well.
  7. HRRR smoke model stopped updating last night. New 00Z Canadian smoke model offers hope that it will be pretty thinned out by Thursday.
  8. And I said I don't know. Both choices kind of suck. I agree with Hawks... I wish there was a better choice on the conservative side. I think the left has gone off the deep end on many things.
  9. Don't know. But even if I believe Trump is the best for this country... I could not just lie and pretend it was perfect debate and he crushed Biden. That is just delusional.
  10. Fox News post-debate coverage was great... even-handed and calling out problems and wins on both sides. Then they switched to Hannity who was immediately screaming about how Trump absolutely crushed Biden and it was just a perfect debate for Trump. What?? Its like he is proudly leading a cult and he is not ashamed of it... he does not even try to pretend otherwise.
  11. Chris reminds me of Hannity... just blindly follows Trump and never admits any faults. I do appreciate Hawkstwelve's analysis from a Trump supporter and conservative.
  12. Biden just said that storms never used to rip up the Midwest before. When was that? During the last ice age? Elect Biden... no more hurricanes or floods or fires or storms that rip up the Midwest! They are in for a rude awakening.
  13. What a mess. Learned nothing new. Biden held up pretty well which was a little surprising.
  14. 12Z EPS still looks cool and troughy in the long range...
  15. Here is what Mattias (Bainbridge) said on facebook yesterday when I showed him the same link about WI after he posted about the increase in positivity rate there. Well that's just ridiculous. How on Earth could they make such a simple math error? The positivity rate should be the percent of tests in a given day that are positive, not the ratio of positive tests to first time test takers.
  16. 00Z EPS was quite troughy in the long range... should be another wet period starting later next week.
  17. Not even sure what that means... but obviously Fred did it.
  18. Honestly never looked back. Sorry about that... I appreciate the effort though!
  19. Not a plot... and its a very real and dangerous virus. But as I am sure you are well aware... there is a huge percentage of the country that favors personal responsibility and freedom over government lockdowns and strict mandates. Masks and no large indoor gatherings should be the only mandates in my opinion.
  20. Some details on Wisconsin's numbers... https://www.maciverinstitute.com/2020/09/bad-math-driving-wisconsins-exploding-positive-test-rate/?fbclid=IwAR1zjZjuxfB7AtnFUQsVYvnVZqTaAru2z7JY8CoSusdoCxcDR5RuUqKGkBk
  21. Yeah... it felt like some nice weather was stolen from us due to smoke.
  22. Nice! That is a big improvement.
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