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  1. yeah, no one would ever suspect you'd prefer the "50%" of the time it's dry by what you post every day. lol
  2. never seen it rain this hard this long here in oly. it's been almost 24 hrs. incredible
  3. with the N vs S tug-o-war happening w/ the models..i'm thinking oly may be in a good spot, no?
  4. when i run for political office i'm hiring u as my spokesperson.
  5. so, every model and their mothers shows cold and possible snow, but the euro shows opposite and it's 100% correct. got it. i'm learning.
  6. are we backing away from the ledge now? i have some beer to drink and football to watch (bet on) soon
  7. let's just say you're not the only person making this observation
  8. sounds like a cesna type. i swear, if i had one of those hand held rocket launchers (just kidding)..
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