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  1. I rotate every month with different allergy pills. I would love to get allergy shots but my work schedule is not conducive with it. Have you tried allergy shots?
  2. I am extremely allergic but I still do it. I do a nose spray, eye drops and an allergy pill everyday from March to August essentially.
  3. Garden season is just about here. Gotta prep the garden!
  4. Yea nothing here either. Saw some blooms on a couple apple tree’s inside of Costco tho...
  5. What’s our magic number we need to hit for snow In March? Ik it’s usually -7 in the winter, but Idk if it’s different for March.
  6. An all-time Christmas. Everything worked out perfect.
  7. Nice to see long range snow still showing up. Would be nice for March to deliver!!
  8. Hoping for a quick recovery. I'll say a pray tonight for her.
  9. Right in the middle of that! Sun breaks happening!
  10. That's a good amount of people. Idk if my gf will appreciate me being on the forums all year around. However, in the summer, it would be substantially less.
  11. The burnout is real. I think I might try to stay on the forum for the whole year tho. We will see.
  12. I remember playing baseball in the snow in one of those March's. Not very fun as a pitcher!
  13. First time going to bed before 10 in forever and I wake up to a dusting!
  14. We need photos ppl!!! Jim is probably getting dumped on
  15. My girl just sent me this video from Des Moines. Getting some hail there FullSizeRender.mov
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