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  1. Stormiest weather we've had in awhile for Seattle. No flickering or brown outs though.
  2. Kinda Andrew's point... That Bernie Sanders guy was onto something.
  3. And this is why people like having TT around. edit: except apparently Jesse
  4. Even CNN is on the SSW bandwagon: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/07/weather/polar-vortex-shifts-arctic-air-south/index.html
  5. Off topic but it would interesting to see the same statistics/map for the PNW. My memory only goes as far back as the early 90's -- but I do recall that there was usually at least 1 decent event per winter for the Puget Sound.
  6. @iFredplease enforce OT rules RE: climate change or else I'm gonna let these folks have it.
  7. I'd bet my lunch that band in King County goes further north and shrinks. I live in North Seattle and we rarely see convergence zone events.
  8. What happened to TT-Sea? Did he finally leave your guys' irrational trolling?
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