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  1. I wonder how many pictures of the ground you have on your phone currently.
  2. As bleak as it sounds, firefighters are going to be a well earned profession in the coming decades.
  3. @DJ Droppinis this the first season you've done this? Nice job
  4. Really sad to see what's happening at Lake Tahoe. First a crappy winter season and now smoke and fires.
  5. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Unofficially 124. I saw it on the NYTimes.
  6. 124 degrees recorded in Italy this week. Highest ever recorded temperature in Europe.
  7. IPCC's report came out today - last one was 2014. IPCC Report: U.N. climate report delivers starkest warning yet (cnbc.com) In a nutshell, we're f*cked.
  8. Sooo...today will be cooler than yesterday? GTFO Euro.
  9. For calling out people who are wilfully ignorant about what the science says? Boo f*cking hoo. If your argument is so weak your only recourse is to block someone, then maybe reconsider your argument.
  10. Exactly. I would bet he/she couldn't find a single peer reviewed article stating that humans are not part of our abnormally warming climate.
  11. I'm in Fremont (northwest Seattle) and definitely have at least 3 inches so far and still going strong.
  12. I don't know what's more surprising - pools in Western WA freezing over or people owning outdoor pools in the first place.
  13. Can someone convince me that RadarScope is worth the $10?
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