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  1. For calling out people who are wilfully ignorant about what the science says? Boo f*cking hoo. If your argument is so weak your only recourse is to block someone, then maybe reconsider your argument.
  2. Exactly. I would bet he/she couldn't find a single peer reviewed article stating that humans are not part of our abnormally warming climate.
  3. I'm in Fremont (northwest Seattle) and definitely have at least 3 inches so far and still going strong.
  4. I don't know what's more surprising - pools in Western WA freezing over or people owning outdoor pools in the first place.
  5. Can someone convince me that RadarScope is worth the $10?
  6. @iFred getting occasional mysql errors browsing this topic.
  7. And his subsequent posts will undoubtedly be ones where he pats himself on the back for being clarevoyent, regardless of the final outcome.
  8. I know this question has been asked before, but is there any documentation on the differences between 6z/18z and the 0z/12z? My wild assumption is that all runs are the same and the differences between the scheduled runs just come from the starting inputs.
  9. You can pay extra to get unlimited data. I think 20 bucks? A perk to living in a city is more competitive pricing and more options. My Centurylink symmetrical gigabit internet has unlimited data. Think I used around 30 TB last month? All for $65/month including taxes and fees. Sorry, I know me telling you this doesn't help your situation. :(. StarLink will be game changer for many and a worthwhile investment if it ever went public.
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