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  1. I think the strong east winds are going to make temps more favorable
  2. Well that's just darn mighty kind of ya. I would be happy with 1/2" - 1" honestly. I'm closer to the Gorge, so my chance might be pretty decent.
  3. Yeah, but sometimes the GFS/WRF does pretty good with low level cold and with 36 hours or so of strong east winds I really think immediate PDX metro could be sufficiently cold enough.
  4. Temperatures a bit colder too for the system Sunday into Sunday night PDX metro 30-32
  5. Very breezy here and the wind has become much colder over the past 3-4 hours. 40.1, dp 29.6
  6. It's all north of Umatilla. Sunday will be our chance. 00z NAM in 24 minutes
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