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  1. Classic cinnamon roll offshore. Meteorological perfection.
  2. 00z Euro 10 Day Rainfall, Snowfall totals. This is nuts! The wettest run in months! The snow is bonkers. This is not what we should see in April!
  3. 00z Euro done finally. Oh look, the run ends with a cold trough over us.
  4. Full run GFS another 5-9 feet of snow for the Cascades. Just your run of the mill April stuff.
  5. 00z GFS the hits just keep on comin'. 10 Day Snowfall totals are absurd for the Cascades. C'MON!!!!
  6. This reads like the down syndrome version of Chatgpt. 00z ECMWF in 45 minutes
  7. 12z GFS vs Euro. The overarching theme is that Spring is on hold until further notice.
  8. Chilly low of 29.8 here. Now 47.9 with breezy east winds. It should be howling overnight into tomorrow.
  9. 6z NWS/NCEP Pacific Surface Analysis, 6z GFS Simulated IR 3/27/23 5:50 AM Here we are in late March and a system off the southern Oregon Coast is projected to undergo Bombogenesis. What's that? It's when an area of low pressure rapidly deepens 24mb or greater within a 24 hour period. This system will definitely achieve that. This is Mother Nature's version of March Madness! In fact, the 6z NWS/NCEP Pacific Surface Analysis forecasts a surface low to develop and deepen 35mb from 1013mb(29.91 in) to 978mb(28.88 in) in 18-24 hours. That's very impressive. Bummer this won't plow into us. If it had though we would be seeing some major wind issues, so perhaps it's for the best that it won't. All models keep it well offshore sinking south the next 48 hours. It will only affect us with wrap around moisture tomorrow moving up from the south and gusty east winds due to high pressure inland over eastern Washington and the unusually strong storm offshore. Check out the 6z GFS Simulated IR Satellite imagery showing a classic mid-latitude cyclone with the low tightly wrapped up and large dry slot punching into it. Cinnamon Roll. This is going to be fun to watch on IR/WV loop by this evening into tomorrow!
  10. 00z GFS. It's hard to believe this is the pattern heading into April, but maybe it shouldn't be after last year.
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