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  1. Nobody really commented on Mark's blog today so it appears the thunderstorm threat is a bust. Only like 1 comment unless the delete police showed up.
  2. I wonder what Robert would say about this chilly 90F JULY?
  3. He would've frozen over and have no crops so it's probably better for him this way. A peaceful death instead of the other way instead of starving to death. Never mind the grocery stores out of his region having supplies readily available (and always Amazon Prime) but in his area it's constant food panic and water wars and police kicking down doors constantly looking for handguns.
  4. Thanks I needed a good laugh. I am just expecting it to pull the rug a few days from now.
  5. Isn't Miami always wet in the summer? a literal swamp and humid in the summer full of alligators?
  6. OMG! Robert Felix's Ice Age comes true!!!!!! Warm summer cancelled!
  7. Maybe I was wrong and he was still trying to collect hidden pokemon in Pokemon Go. A VERY controversial game that led several people to deaths by placing them in dangerous areas causing Nintendo to stop doing it. They were going to do the same concept with Mario Kart on a phone where you use a real car to go to certain spots to collect rewards but when that show happened with Pokemon I can see why they cancelled.
  8. Geez. Couldn't put his phone down for ONE minute so he could rest and start early. Too much Fortnite?
  9. Seriously you expect him to distinguish one intel from the next when he can't find the bathroom at night?
  10. Cool bias at work. I wonder what certain people think of our unusually chilly summer so far?
  11. Jasper is up in Alberta Canada so how would that affect us?
  12. Or perhaps a crappy economy has them pinching their pennies as fireworks are a VERY expensive hobby to get into and aware of the depleting materials required. Nahhhhh that couldn't be it.
  13. This is where you go Baaaaaaaaalooooooooooooooock and lock.
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