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  1. They all got blown away at Allergic Cliffs sneezing them off the screen! I have to be dumbed back to this difficulty! (God I wish you could choose the difficulty if its one you already earned) Then if you haven't played in a while you can refresh yourself in an actual journey instead of practice mode.
  2. Good night.. All that pizza made me stuffed! I didn't even bother with the side stuff there!
  3. It's pretty sad to forget about the desserts. The easy difficulty only has 5 topping choices and 1 tree to deal with. No desserts. I think your given 5 or 6 chances. I'm not sure if the zoombini hitting the machine is count as a chance as the next fail your Zoombini is kicked off the screen and continues for several more before you can't continue. The Zoombini reappears at the screen where you make one or at a base camp. Note: When the Zoombini slams into the machine he makes a funny 'honk' kind of noise like a clown car. Sometimes being mean to the Zoombini's is funner then the
  4. I've had that happen (on this difficulty) getting the right topping then win with only one chance left! Literally you'd be sweating bullets! This is after your Zoombini is thrown at the machine I know I'm screwed if I make another mistake.
  5. I guess something on Jessie's pizza he doesn't like. "There's something on that I don't like!" (Tree troll Tthrows pizza to reject pit and knocks the Zoombini to the machine as a final warning) Dang I gave Jesse the wrong pizza! (Removes a topping and tries the other). Edit: I forgot about the desserts on the side there! Dumb me! Too bad there is no self slap on head smiley.
  6. Here is this good enough pizza for you? Too bad the tree's cannot (except the middle one perhaps?) reach the buttons on the pizza machine.
  7. Thanks for not downvoting me for asking about fall colours.

  8. Any good years that allow for that you recall? Is this upcoming pattern also something I'll like for fall colors or am I screwing myself over loving this kind of cold pattern being shown?
  9. Yet day time maxs are not anywhere near where we were in that awful death ridge! I wonder if that is also part of the -PNA pattern we are in subtracting our highs quite a bit.
  10. So a colder fall is better for the pretty fall colors then long extended warmth? Or is too cold bad as well? What kind of fall do you recommend for optimal fall colors? Technically I love colder falls but I DON'T KNOW if that's good for fall colors if I am screwing myself for liking colder falls.
  11. I was quoting your onshore flow post too. Do you think this is affecting the fall colors a lot as it seems to me the onshore should keep things cool unless a warm front hits allowing fall colors to advance at a normal pace. I mean warmer then artic air of course but closer to average lows with little variation.
  12. As for the onshore flow it seems to me this kind of warmth is usually for heavy rains from the SW. It feels weird this time of year being this warm at night without hearing heavy or steady rain coming down at the same time due to a warm front.
  13. So it actually DOES effect fall colors? I always wondered what role temps played in fall colors besides sun angle. Which is more important or are they both equal?
  14. Looks kinda like Ganon's Malic swirling around from the castle.
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