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  1. Hence the safety spiel whenever you go on an attraction in here. Please heed it! It's there for your own safety so our guests can continue their enjoyment. I know your in a hurry hurry hurry but for your safety safety safety.
  2. I forgot to put the video in. Here is the actual quote. You couldn't make this four letter word up! Sadly this is only one of the 'lame' gaffs. There's a WHOLE lot more where that came from!
  3. We had a couple of strong bursts making our lights flicker but sounds like as usual it mostly went to WA. 4 people in my area lost power and 1,000 around the hospital area of Stayton. I wonder if they switched to generators? Pacific Power outage map was very sad looking compared to your excitement! PS: How the hell does only 4 people lose power?
  4. Just get your money back. Amazon has canceled my items a couple times within 24 hours I'm credited. This also works with Amazon gift cards too which is how I first discovered it though I'm not sure a bout something as big as an Amazon Storm!.
  5. So I'm not the only one that stopped using it since they dumbed down to the phone crowd?
  6. Minus the 'trends' part. He just posts random stuff that usually is a result of a sharp cold front and warms up to above average 2 days later but let's ignore the sticky details shall we? It'd be like if a bit of severe Artic air came to Eastern Washington and he goes hysterical over how cold Spokane and some other locations are ignoring the rest of the US being at near record warmth canceling out his cold articles. The west coast is under a 'fire hose' fighting that Artic Airmass which is about to erode/retreat back to the north. Then he finds some place in Brazil that has a day or
  7. He's been hysteria about it since at least 2007 or whenever his first website was before he moved to the 2011 + version. As I said before two sides of the exact same coin. The way he can still go on without being disappeared smells like Koch bros protection to me.
  8. "Attention visitors please refrain from stepping on the rugs until they have been fully sanitized per protocols. Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to explore the rest of the museum open to the public"
  9. Hi.  What do you think of Robert Felix as I feel something is off with him as he seems to cherry pick a lot while other times hits the nail on the head when he gets into science mode.  When he is in 'news' mode he tends to get like what he accuses of the left of making his statements null.

    However I agree with his underwater volcano stuff and we have a LOT of that in the Pacific and our Pacific has been stuck in a + warming which if we are having uncharted eruptions we won't be able to see it from the air but it will produce warming. Not one volcano by itself but enough will and if it's a  continuing saga. 

  10. Thanks for understanding me. Robert Filex though tends to cherry pick cold weather records as much as the hysteria left do on warmth. I feel like he's part of the PSYOP going on between the two which is why he hasn't 'disappeared' unlike those such as WeatherWar101 that used to upload regular videos until 3 years ago now?
  11. There's been clusters of earthquakes where they are known to be. There's one off to our southwest since at least 2010 that periodically has small eruptions but very little monitoring is done compared to the Atlantic. We tend to have clusters of 3s and sometimes 5s in that area and that's also where the permanent high tends to form lately.
  12. More like probably on Kratum as it can be just as bad or worse from personal and medical experiences. Never taken it but people I've learned been messed up just by 'a little bit' which is how it always starts out. "But all I did was try a little bit when I was young and my parent's weren't watching!"
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