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  1. Ummm yeah. We are due for one and the last severe one in the 1100s Lake Tahoe went dry for long periods of time. I expect to hear that in the next 20 years of severe problems. They'll blame it on autos but silly idiots will believe every word of it.
  2. Sounds like hardwired to me if they all go off. Or wireless interconnected. There's battery ones that can interconnect like this: FIRST ALERT Smoke Detector Alarm | Battery Powered with Wireless Interconnect | 2-Pack, SA511CN2-3ST - Smoke Detectors - Amazon.com I'm not sure how they communicate I guess internal wi fi or your own?
  3. Do you have a Nest Smoke Alarm system as in one of these? Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector - Battery Operated, White - S3000BWES - - Amazon.com Your camera says Nest on it so I'm curious if you have the full expensive protection system and a fire panel setup....
  4. You'd think more people would go to Cheyenne just to experience weather patterns they can't get at home!
  5. WA is a major water hog. A ONE AND A TWO AND A THREE! WATER HOG! WATER HOG! (The nation points it's fingers at WA) Will Biden order a water shut off notice for the state of WA? Perhaps a 'fairness' doctrine is needed.
  6. Sure didn't take long. It's as easy to put together as this: New Jersey Police Disarmed a Homemade UFO Detector (msn.com) "Someone left a homemade UFO detector in a New Jersey state park, prompting police to dismantle it. The real scientists who listen for aliens use radio telescopes. SETI has one of the most advanced radio telescope arrays in the world. New Jersey State Park Police in Wharton State Forest disarmed a homemade“UFO detector” earlier this month, unplugging a headphones cable from a block of wood and a soup can. Behold:" The sad thing is the
  7. Do you think it's worse then what we went thru in 2014 or whatever year we had that super hot summer?
  8. Not more then the fire marshals whom are closer to the situation. I was just teasing. Nobody can take a joke it seems unless it bashes someone politically or for political beliefs. Seriously this has got to be the earliest fire warning we have had in the year ever.
  9. I'm in the Willamette Valley too and know more then anybody how dry it is but still wondered if it was too early as I don't recall April ever having fire warnings. It seems more of a mid May thing at best.
  10. Still? Don't you think the fire marshals are being a 'bit' over paranoid with using up their red flags so early in the year? At this rate they'll use em all up by July 4th when we need them the most! Shouldn't they wait closer to summer time like late May or early June for issuing this kind of crap? Do you think they are putting the lime in their coconut and drinking it all up?
  11. Well Tim. It HAS to be warm for my birthday to unfold. That's mother nature's unwritten rule. THEN we will get slammed afterwards when my birthday is over. You'll still be able to enjoy your lake to your hearts content as my birthday is not till the 21st! Knock yourself out! (not literally) "Have fun! It's better then having none!" (Logical Journey Of The Zoombini's quote)
  12. That's why my headaches are not so bad tonight. Briefly touched 87F around 4:30pm for like 20 mins but mostly was 85ish then quickly dropping from that.
  13. Oh and I hope we are not going to have another fire staycation earlier this year. Big question: Is the snow pack good enough to limit the threat till later in the summer at the very least?
  14. Where he is at is the border of the drought and has no real reason yet to complain. Down here is the REAL story and it's like late July dry already. NOT good and the farmers are plowing up the air and it gets in your lungs at late evening/night.
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