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  1. I'd rather have 72 hours. But 10 seconds is enough to start slowing down high speed trains to 'low' speed by the time earthquake hits. The trains won't be able to stop entirely but they will have slowed way down by the time the 'quack' hits so by the time any track may be damaged it's far easier to stop. In other words I'd rather a low speed collision then a high speed one.
  2. I've heard some pretty neat ones in the UK. The last few years have been absolutely steller while 2014 thru 2016 were pretty poor I believe.
  3. I was replying to Snow Whizar'ds quote how history get's messed up over time especially when we have few sources to begin with! It's how the telephone game works where one person orally passes a message then.............. What I said about blue states is true. Police are not allowed to do their jobs and you have overzealous officers that are 'Karens' that believe they have the answers to all police problems. I used to admire Australia and wished to visit there but not anymore after what they've gone thru I cannot morally support them.
  4. Sucks but not to be insensitive this is the result of a massive blue state. Police are NOT allowed to do their jobs anymore so no matter how much you cry they are NOT going to do anything about whomever is violating your restraining order. You'll have to take your own action. If your one of the cops with actual values tough luck getting ahead in your career as a result a lot are transferring or quitting out right. You have on one camp a new 'set' of officers with military style thinking which makes them trigger happy and on the other camp you have officers that can't do anything without political peer pressures yelling and screaming at them. Worse then that they could be F-I-R-E-D and be black marked for life if they try to get a job anywhere else. In Victoria AU police are quitting in droves being asked to do immoral things down there they refuse to do. AU is a sinking continent so to speak so it's not a good place to go either unless you don't mind your balcony door being taped shut. If I could afford a mansion it would be a tough place to find a good spot these days due to a variety of factors both climate and political.
  5. "Things get distorted over time" It's like the telephone game where one person passes a message then the other passes the message and before you know it the message becomes something else entirely! Then the 'media' will only show the messed up one. Fox news will show the 'old' message for like 1 day which almost nobody see's it. If they haven't scrubbed it you may find the 'old' message left intact on page 200 in search results.
  6. I know that storm! We were on the tail end of it in Silverton. Some large branches of our neighbors tree came down and Dad helped them saw it. The power went out a few hours in our end of town. The entire town almost lost power. If the storm was a notch stronger it would've been a different story entirely!
  7. Why? It looks like a western movie. Is it the song 'Map is real and on fire?" I have heard it before on the Wilderness Lodge music loop from WDW 'source' audio long version which is not available anywhere as YouTube has the newer edition which edited a lot of stuff out:
  8. That's actually really interesting as you'll like what R/Retconned has to say about that subject. Interesting posts that will make you go out of your 'boxed' way of thinking. One person is a musician in one of the posts there and the issue is quite noticeable since he deals with BPM a lot. (Beats Per Minute) which is VERY crucial to music.
  9. I hope he didn't find the mysterious small padlocked door.
  10. Like I said before if you look at who's recently posted without even reading the dam page you can deduce what way the models went. The 'puke' runs it's usually Tim and Phil then on cold runs Snow shows up like out of nowhere. Both take turns in the same closet! Is it fun in there or something? I hope they don't find the small mysterious padlocked door..................................
  11. The top one is like a couple men spitting into my rain gauge. I'd like a moderate rain event once every two weeks. We are so far behind in rain we are as dry as Redmond. 3 inches of rain since Feb 18th and not much rain before that then spits and spots here and there. Mostly there: Without the Feb storm we would've had way less then what we got. We went to Lebanon just before the rains and it was SUPER SUPER dusty and I saw a dustnado try to form. The ground was cracked in a lot of places which it looked literally like Fresno in August.
  12. 1 moderate to heavy rain storm (depending on your locale) with 2 weeks of dryness and more dryness likely = really wet pattern..................(insert compute error here)
  13. (Computer voice) 'I'm sorry Joshua but that is wrong think and can't be allowed'.
  14. Which has better and more lightning? No biases here please if you can help it but I'd love for some personal memories with it which I don't mind! Which parts of the UK have the best lightning and areas to avoid the same with the PNW? Which are literal hell holes in terms of weather avoidance?
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