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  1. It's just that many people assume that OR is as wet as they are. I just saw several posts implying that and be 'shocked' when the truth comes out.
  2. Stray Amiibos towering over the mountains. I mean albinos and they are growing larger by the minute. They were just barely over the tops of the mountains an hour ago and now quite a bit larger and very widespread.
  3. Remember Andrew we don't exist to them. Anything south of Portland or in some cases Seattle might as well be Sacramento.
  4. Aha! So that's why the pattern is breaking down! The truth comes out.
  5. Actually there is. They had an historical dry spring last year and I think summer. This spring is also dry but really cold for them with daily night frost till about now. Now they are having mild storms that look to be 'stuck in a rut' pattern. It appears the UK is in for a 2010 style BBQ washout!
  6. Do you think we are well on our way of our own version of this? Hope we don't have a hose pipe ban police which many districts of southern England dealt with.
  7. But it was enough to be called 'globally cooler' and for the media to definitely notice to the point of saying global warming was 'paused'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_hiatus https://www.climate.gov/news-features/climate-qa/why-did-earth’s-surface-temperature-stop-rising-past-decade. I recall initial reports of earth's temps dropped like 0.5 degrees which may not sound like much but it caused some interesting local effects especially in Europe! I think the colder weather of Europe might have shoe horned in the global warming pause theory. Then in 2013 we had a big flip
  8. I really thought this moderate La Nina would be enough to shift/buck the trend but all it did was give us false hope and we remain stuck in the 2013 pattern but nights are cooler though when it does clear. So what do you guys think do you think we can ever reverse this or are we in this long haul? How disappointed were you with this La Nina if you took out the Feb snow/ice storm from the equation? as it was NOT region wide!
  9. What made this La Nina so different then the cold 2011? On Britain's Extreme Weather Season 1 they explain this very thing around 2009 thru 2012 Britain suffered unusually cold weather till 2013. In fact 6 summers in a row were total washouts till the great heat of 2013 on episode 4 about heat. Obviously we weren't alone in the 2009 thru 2012 cold department here in the PNW.
  10. Do you think this will be one of those years we see unusually late frosts like a pre 1970s pattern whatever that was?
  11. Huh? For some reason your post made me think of this though not in a bad way.
  12. My post got deleted when I hit backspace to edit. Weird. Anyways do you think AC has increased in house holds over the PNW.....hell the west coast since the post 2013 climate shift to the hotter phase we are in? Even compared to 2009 levels of AC I feel we have had a tick in AC rise where it seemed a lot more spares and you'd be rich to have one or very very dedicated like we were. Edit: It did it again. I went to edited it and lost it but this time I copied and pasted it. Win 10 is so f'ked up with how you type something and more often the not you get symbols/stuff other then the
  13. Well that proves it! It's going to rain hard and the pattern will buckle. All you gotta do is power wash your parents deck and that'll get the storms to come rolling on in! Do you think washing the car or washing the deck has better effect?
  14. Don't you got enough up there? Down here is where the moderate drought line is. We haven't had much rain since the Feb ice storm which we were at the edge of. The roads never even got that icy so we left quickly on a staycation when it got cold inside. The temps the entire storm stayed above 29F. In fact drive 5 miles south and you were in the 40F land yet here trees were destroyed all over. I'm surprised how little damage buildings had despite thousands of trees wrecked many old.
  15. Earlier in the fall posts were all excited about us being in the firing line for this winter also considering we were in a solar minimum yet this year acted like El Nina where La Nino got confused with El Nino. In fact Halloween was about our best we got for cold weather and it seemed for a time we were going to have a humdinger of a winter. I was going to give out some examples of how the winter played out here vs what the models said but I don't think people will read it so I didn't bother to cast my pearls before the swine or so they say.
  16. Considering the lack of any model talks from either Tim or Snow (the usual extreme scenarios) I recon it's a pretty . pattern coming up. Oh and also considering this is becoming an auto repair forum.
  17. This year we are a lot more ready to flee if we have major fires. Last year was sort of a lesson learnt if this year is a major SHTF. I think the 'job' will be finished this year.
  18. For those who are interested here is the BOTW with voice dubs. I skipped to the old man to tell you his tale of woe. I can't remember if he actually told you or it was just Kass's stupid song.
  19. We need more Hinoxes! BOTW they should've just given you the paraglider if the game detects you played it once on your system and left the tutorial. The old guy would then give you the option to do his stupid fetch quest or outright give it to you and ask if your truly ready to venture out.
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