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  1. Yes. 2016 was wet but very mild. 2010 was mild the first half of November. I believe we hit the low 70s in many spots early in the month. 2011 was coolish and damp. 2017 I do not remember at all.
  2. We want an active Niña. Replaying 88-89 in our modern climate will not go well.
  3. Cold day in Washington. I can tell a lot of airmasses are going to cut off around Coburg this year.
  4. They hit 65 this afternoon. Very warm for late October. Looks like Eugene hit 63, above average AS WELL. Very mild day across most of Oregon. WOW, 70 in MEDFORD!
  5. I have been shocked looking at the long range models how completely dead the Pacific looks. One has to think at some point the other shoe is going to drop. At this point models continue to essentially show default ridging through November. Some say with climate change and the blob the impacts of the Nina will be muted. I tend to disagree, but it is an interesting theory which is being borne out in real time right now.
  6. 3.4 ENSO region now forecast to bottom out around -2.1C in early December.
  7. So if the GFS shows the trough 500 miles west of us over the Pacific we will be in biznaz.
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