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  1. Shots from around the neighborhood on our trek to fred meyer. Snowy Seattle neighborhoods are my favorite!!!
  2. It just keeps coming in Greenwood!! I brushed 8" of snow off my car yesterday afternoon and this morning around 10am there was another 3" on it. Incredible. Flakes have been switching between teeny and medium-fat. Things don't seem to be melting yet, though it was slushy on main roads/spots that have been shoveled or well traveled.
  3. Still just dumping snow in Greenwood. This is incredible. Took a walk around the neighborhood, at least 1 car in a ditch. More cars on the road than I expected.
  4. Alright I grabbed a proper measurement. Near 7" as of 8am near Greenwood Park. Still snowing pretty heavily, tiny flakes.
  5. Apologies for this truly awful photo, but I think we've got at least 6" here in Greenwood. Still snowing.
  6. Been flurrying in Greenwood since around 5pm. Teeny flakes. Very cute dusting of snow on the pavement now. Drinking boxed wine, hoping for heavier snow tonight!!
  7. Nice light dusting on plants/trees and still light flurries when I left downtown SEA, but I'm in Ballard now and it looks like the snow never made it here lol
  8. BEAUTIFUL light swirly snowflakes falling in the International District now. Not sure when they started up, likely no more than 10-15 mins ago.
  9. Good morning! Didn't feel too cold in Greenwood this morning, but there was some absolutely CHILLY wind down in the International District. Excited for us all to get some snow this weekend. My dad texted me, upset that it doesn't "smell like snow" down in Auburn. Called him a weenie and told him to be patient.
  10. Noticeable cloud cover has moved in over downtown/international district within the last half hour. It was pretty sunny and clear earlier. No flakes yet. I got to put together and send a safety advisory about this week's weather at work (construction) and it was extremely difficult not to mention how much snow we might get.
  11. Hello! I've been lurking since Jan 2019. WA native, grew up in Auburn with lots of fun snow memories, particularly Jan 2012 (I have a picture somewhere of me holding up a huge chunk of ice from the freezing rain). UW grad, lived all over Seattle the last few years. Was in West Woodland for Feb 2019. Currently in the Greenwood/Phinney Ridge area. Excited to watch this play out. Not excited to tell my partner I made an account on this forum lol.
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