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  1. Saw a very interesting study a while back that noted that hands free phone calls were almost as bad as talking on the phone physically, it's an attention issue to converse with someone regardless of how you're doing it. However, talking to a physical passenger in the other seat shows marked risk reduction in comparison to a hands free phone call as it is generally speaking 4 eyes on the road. Who would have thunk it
  2. Yeah we should have a couple bites at the apple. Just too bad it's not a very good apple. The season is young and I've spent some nino hell years waiting up until 3 a.m. just to watch a snow to rain mix occur for 30 minutes so the idea of a little daytime snowglobe doesn't seem so bad, especially considering ENSO moving forward.
  3. NWS onboard with some morning snow here looks like pretty much following the euro's lead
  4. Hopefully they're too dazed by GFS snowfall outputs to even notice.
  5. frankly i'm as concerned as you are about the gfs day 16 500mb pattern but I thought I'd look for some large scale features to help me sleep at night
  6. Gotta figure out a way to reverse the n/s curses lately. We simply don't have enough Portland area posters to reverse the reverse jinx. Now I gotta scroll through twenty thousand sounder snow photos to find a GFS map showing 1.1" here for optimism. It's FINE we're doing GREAT extremely hopeful we can thread the needle here with the system later this week what could go wrong
  7. Fred funnels a slush fund into the NWS specifically for the current GFS to keep it running 4x a day vs the euro to keep page hits up.
  8. Washington posters going hard on jinxing Portland. Totally unnecessary. We all know how this will play out.
  9. Doesn't take a lot of guts to predict a moderation of models and uneventful outcome for PDX in early January much less Nov 8th.
  10. Rain coming down fairly decent here. Been a long time since we've had anything I'd describe as more than a sprinkle
  11. Understanding I don't have a staff tag if that is the case wouldn't it be smart to take this slap fest to DM or put a user on ignore rather than this sort of embarrassing public tête-à-tête and I'm quite sure I am the very first person to ever suggest this am I right? What do I win??!
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