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  1. February Part III thread has a lot of work to do if it wants to live up to the accomplishments of February Part II. Can it do it? YES. Will it do it? ABSOLUTELY NOT
  2. It's pretty impressive in some states. Iowa says something like over 40% of utilized energy is wind. I guess I think of it like covid vaccination - we can purity test who gets it first and what is the most efficient way but at the end of the day the important thing is we get there.
  3. I for one truly yearn for the times where we died of preventable disease before ego got in the way and scientists (gross) strongly suggest a heat death to the universe which means REALLY we're gonna cool off no matter what so chill out.
  4. You think Texas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas (top 4 wind producers) are infrastructure virtue signaling? Or that the 15% capacity or more that they have in some states is a drop in the bucket?
  5. I believe you mean accelerated but I was hopefully getting across that these discussions (if they could even be called that) should be contained to the Long Range Forecast and Climate Discussion area instead of in the February pt II PNW Discussion and Obs area
  6. There are plenty of reasons this forum could be offputting to the newcomers but the staggering amount of willful ignorance in a post like this is one of them - and should definitely be siloed to a different forum in the site. Shocking that anyone with any sort of meteorological interest could state with a straight face that there isn't a single non special interest group funded study that suggests human caused global warming - easily googleable within seconds - and then linking an obvious climate skepticism website that looks like it was created for 1997 netscape navigator with a ton of broken
  7. Judging by twitter and my group texts I'm the last person who still has power in the entire city of Portland. Sun peeking through here though and the melt is underway.
  8. Took a little bit to get out of the mix but all snow here now
  9. Just got back from a walk down to the waterfront. Probably ended up with closer to 6" of snow here I'd say. Really hard to measure. Saw a few cars getting stuck on side streets but plenty of helpful people to push them out. Bunch of skiers including a guy who had his 2 dogs pulling him on his skis. That's Portland for ya. Hoping we can squeeze something out of this approaching moisture.
  10. Definitely mixing more snow now here but still just an absolute mess that changes minute by minute. If this continues all night I'd get like 3" of snow and an inch of ice and sleet mix
  11. Definitely a back and forth mix here downtown. I feel like that *might* bode well for later tonight but clearly worse than PDX itself.
  12. Right on the borderline here I feel like. Mostly zr and sleet with some snow mixed in. Really hoping increased precip rates will do the ticket in the short term but not real confident, too much warmth above.
  13. Wouldn't know I've been mostly in town today where it's been a real mix. Snow earlier sleet mostly now.
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