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  1. it's not a bad thought, even some folks on here pretty well say as much for themselves. Don't really want to have this evolve into further discussion or do some armchair psychology but it didn't seem like this was a healthy place for him or for the folks he lashed out at.
  2. on one hand I don't miss the calling for genocide of his political opponents and posting youtube videos about chemtrails set to bad 90's graphics but on the other hand
  3. Mostly rain in a rain/snow mix here rapidly wiping out the snow. Looked like about 1-2" at 5 a.m when I got up to take a look. Roads all clear now.
  4. Still all rain here, chunky rain if you squint with the right kind of eyes
  5. Went for a walk but as expected still currently all rain here. Cold out tho. Model after model spitting out huge snow totals has real June "no way we can hit 116 degree" vibes
  6. Ditto for Link. It was unfortunate but that person was unwell.
  7. Was just looking at the models and thinking how miserable this would be to model ride in real winter so close to showtime
  8. Dusting here in SE Portland. To channel my inner TWL weenie I should probably just change that to my signature on here.
  9. hit the weenie button so hard I broke my mouse
  10. Fred really missing out on an opportunity here. Who doesn't want to wear a boardwalk style "I SURVIVED 11 days of model riding for a rain/snow mix 2021" t-shirt made out of the cheapest possible materials.
  11. yeah I think so. Mark seems like it the day of - I feel like every time I've tracked it at mesoscale it has busted pretty bad for snow though. Busted back in Jan where the high res WRF was king. I don't really look at it until the event is happening - sorta use it as radar, not that it has been great at that in my experience even. YMMV.
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