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  1. I have a 2018 TRD Off Road 4Runner and I LOVE her! Highly recommend! I am planning on taking her out after some coffee and bacon. We have about 11" here in Yelm this morning, still snowing. No wind since midnight.
  2. So, basically I am going to need a snow plow to get out my front door come Saturday afternoon......? lol Oh buddy....This is turning into a "Be careful what you wish for" scenario! hahah
  3. After yesterday/last night, I think us down in the Olympia/Shelton/Yelm/Tumwater areas are going to see A LOT more snow than what the NWS is saying. In my area specifically, we just don't really get the big winds from the East to dry it out. I saw a GIF of the winds coming through the gaps and what not, and I am literally in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, and they just go around. lol
  4. Is the cold looking like it'll stick around enough to give us more snow with the Monday system, or is it still kinda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
  5. Good Morning, everyone! Still lightly snowing here in Yelm. I measured 6" on my deck this morning, before I went to bed last night it was 4". I am excitedly nervous about what's to come...lol
  6. It's really been coming down here in Yelm all day. I am at about 3" now. Temp is 30.7F and DP is 29.7F. It hadn't been sticking to my driveway or the dirt road my home is on, until the last hour and a half or so. I do not know what the actual roads look like though.
  7. This is Mogwai and the look she gives me when I tell her its time to come in. lol We have about 1 inch here in Yelm.
  8. Snow has definitely picked up here. Just a few "gusts" (3-4mph) from the North here and there. Temp is at 31.8F.
  9. Good morning! I am very new here, but wanted to add my observations to the mix. I am in Yelm, Wa about 450' elevation, just started seeing flakes fall about 20 mins ago! No wind though. Seeing everyone's observations over the last week has been very educational and fun for me. Been a wild ride, watching the models. I hope everyone sees some snow and stays safe!
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