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  1. Yeah I was mostly talking about the trends with that at this point, sorry I should've made it more clear
  2. Could be some last minute surprise or something for Friday night but obviously that's a very low chance
  3. A compromise between the GFS and Euro would probably be okay for Portland
  4. That would be nice. Hoping the Friday-Saturday event works out but it doesn't seem that likely so far
  5. I think Mark Nelsen was on the higher end forecasting 1-4" for the metro area. Some forecasters were going for T-3" or even less. Then I ended up with 13" of snow in 8 hours that lasted for a week with subfreezing highs and bright sunshine and very cold lows.
  6. Really hoping that Friday night/Saturday thing works out for us
  7. I definitely agree. And people don't remember the many times they get it right
  8. West metro stays as rain for longer Hoping the cold pool overperforms or something
  9. Mark Nelsen is not as negative about our chances anymore! Another cold upper trough drops down offshore Friday and spins up another wet frontal system. Models are all over the place on this one. The normally cold GFS thinks we’ve got a snow and then ice storm Friday night into Saturday morning. The ECMWF is much drier and has the system farther offshore. But it IS cold enough with a strong easterly Gorge wind that moisture would be in the form of snow/ice. So Friday evening/night is another possible “event” I’m watching closely. There is also plenty of cold/dry arctic air lingering just north of us through early next week. That means at any time some of that could get pulled south and interact with Pacific moisture as we’re seeing this evening. Winter is here for the forecasters and it’s busy!
  10. This Would be really nice Gorge wind starts blowing keeping us cool enough for snow. Starts out marginal, I hope we don't have something like a repeat of 2/9/2019
  11. I think we'll see flakes at least, not sure about accumulation since most model runs are different with the system
  12. Better than PDX at least. Their snowiest entire month of November of this century is 2003 with a grand total of 0.6"
  13. Why has NWS Seattle been so inconsistent with their AFDs and warnings/advisories? Hard to tell what they are communicating
  14. I'm not sure if the gorge outflow eats up my snow sometimes as well. I get a strong east wind during snowstorms downsloping off of the West Hills but I usually do fine in those unless it's like 2021 which had sleet/ice. 2016/2017 I also did really well, I think we had around 18" of snow. After that though not as great.
  15. Hasn't been as bad here a bit to the northern part of the metro area compared to Tigard and that area but it's still been annoying. Maybe we can get an event like February 2014 or the 2016/2017 events to give the W/SW metro more snow sometime soon.
  16. Washington county screw zone has been pretty annoying the past few years
  17. Euro is much better than the GFS with the reload next week:
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