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  1. This happened 3 years ago. It was an amazing thunderstorm outbreak.
  2. That is 240 hours out. A lot can change between now and then. Just saying.
  3. I was looking at my memories on Facebook. These photos are from June 2019. This was an amazing thunderstorm outbreak for the Portland area. It's amazing to see a shelf cloud in the Portland area.
  4. If you look really closely, there is a couple of weak troughs trying to break down the high pressure system. I marked them in red.
  5. Another severe thunderstorm warning in extreme eastern Oregon. I had to use the Boise, Idaho radar because Pendleton radar couldn't pick up that thunderstorm.
  6. Second day in a row that Oregon has a severe thunderstorm warning 🌩 it's funny that you don't see radar coverage in that one area because of Mt. Hood.
  7. A lot of lightning strikes. Hopefully these thunderstorms are producing a lot of rain or we will be hurting for forest fires just wish their moving direction was towards the West
  8. Two severe thunderstorm storm warnings There is a lot of haze in the air. It's hard to see the thunderstorms.
  9. Nice thunderstorms building up. I'll see about going outside and taking a couple of pictures of the storm. You can see the thunder head on the satellite picture.
  10. Skies cleared out after a nice break from having warm overnight lows. There is an outside chance of a thunderstorm on the Westside of the Cascades. I'm using my laptop today. I am able to use the Rammb/Cira Slider satellite picture. I'm able to zoom in much better than using the NWS website.
  11. Now there is more daylight, you can see the smoke on the Eastside of Washington and Oregon. It's a little to close for me. When the Eagle Creek fire was happening, I was my mom's caregiver. The evacuation notice (I can't remember if it was be prepared to evaluate or it was mandatory) was East of 257th. We lived off 238th. My mom needed special care and it stressed me out on what and where to take her. Ever time I see smoke in the air, I start having panic attacks. Having smoke this early in the season is not good for me. I know the West winds will push the smoke more east but it's still to close for comfort for me.
  12. That's plan and simple nasty. You can see the fire smoke is really close to the Portland area
  13. It looks like we will see a marine push tomorrow morning. You can see it pushing in towards Eugene.
  14. This is looking East Northeast. I doubt it will develop into any. I love how there isn't any other clouds around and the blue sky backdrop in the background. As I'm writing this, you can tell it's building really fast.
  15. Saw this sweet thang on my way home. Wish it would come my way.
  16. This is scary and amazing at the same time. I know I would be out filming it approaching me...lol https://www.facebook.com/reel/537050418509129?s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  17. I put a circle where the fire was. It's a long ways from the Amtrak station.
  18. It's a 4 alarm fire at an apartment complex in downtown Portland. I stole this picture from a news station. They also closed the freeway close to the fire.
  19. I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with looking at the satellite pictures on the NWS website? Every time I click on the satellite image it shows this image. I'm just wondering if it's the Portland location or it's Nation wide.
  20. Looks like a front is coming through from Kent, WA to about the Portland area. Looks like another line is forming behind the first one.
  21. Wow, some really heavy rain in coming to Portland. Check out that outflow on the radar!!
  22. It's amazing how fast these showers are popping up. Look how Washington County almost has showers now.
  23. It's still producing lightning. You can see the outflow on radar. It's really breezy here at Oaks Park
  24. I'm over at Oaks Park but took a couple of pictures of that thunderstorm North of Portland.
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