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  1. The youngins on here now will never appreciate the long nights of street light watching, checking the daily newspaper for that elusive snowflake in the weather forecast part and trying to decipher what the tv mets were trying to say. Technology has spoiled the the dream and surprise.
  2. I watch it if there is even a sliver of hope, it is definitely creeping at a slow rate.
  3. Good to see the pull back in the models, non event for here, for now....
  4. Realistically the GFS actually backed off on the more regional threat, even if it showed more snow in certain areas. However, most winter events for us have the inevitable rug pull only to improve as the timeframe gets closer. We will know in a few days I guess.
  5. Nah, we have way too many millennials and Gen z'ers on here already as it is.
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