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  1. Could be some big flooding tonight. I'd be on the south side of this, but storms are forming to my west.
  2. I first heard the cicadas about a week ago. Just one the first night, now it's a symphony! Have an awesome time out west!!
  3. I've been watching, looks like Stout to Parkersburg is getting soaked. A new storm just popped by Evansdale and I am getting a few drops on the south side of Waterloo.
  4. As it rolled into Waterloo. Maybe gusted to 55?
  5. What is the general consensus on some of these reporting stations? I mean, if this was actually true..Holy crap.
  6. 1.7 in the gauges this morning. Looking like there could be a lot more before the week is through. Crops should like it though as long as we don't get crazy amounts.
  7. I had 4.0 in one gauge and 3.8 in the other on the south side of Waterloo. Had a quick 10 minute downpour this evening.
  8. Hail in Cedar Falls. I am in Waterloo and got nothing. received_725074082006840.mp4 received_777176036999839.mp4
  9. This is the best display of streak lightning I have seen in at least 2 years.
  10. Slim chance of that. I'd be more excited about your prospects for you tomorrow, as this line fizzles out.
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