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  1. The concept of death seems real to us. Have you every known anything but life?
  2. Yeah I know. Light rain and 37F in Baltimore.. Smokey Mountain rain for sure... https://youtu.be/a30R_drH2GA
  3. We are watching fist storm. Rain snow line between Baltimore and Philly, moving NE.
  4. It must be known that "spells" must utilize the power of "wanting." They must want it...
  5. Freedom and tyranny cannot coexist. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX are state run media. FOX does allow opinion after 8pm that is grounded in truth but that is on borrowed time. FOX Nation is the beginning of the end for this. You may wonder why half of America con "believe" one thing and the other half can "believe" another. This is accomplished by magical "spells."
  6. Impressive warm surge. Dewpoints in low 60's. Temperatures 20-25 degrees above normal. Models are downplaying convection. All it takes is one cell to break the trop.. Scary.
  7. This is just just the beginning. It rolls east.,
  8. The key is building 7. All you got to do is show us why us " conspiracy theorist," are wrong. It's that simple..
  9. You guys can blow your smoke. But I will always be here.
  10. Come on *****. https://youtu.be/eXo_rQTz_Og
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