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  1. Holy crap! I see 70F temps at the emd of the forecast! I hope it verifies!
  2. I'm so sick of this cold weather. Almost non stop below avg temps since October!
  3. I think this storm is over now. Final rain total for Orcutt is 1.86" since Monday Night.
  4. Orcutt has just reached 5 inches of rain for the month! Only .93 away from surpassing the March 2011 rain total!
  5. The initial warm front was very underwhelming, but the post frontal convective activity is insane! The rain is very heavy and the winds strong. Lost power too.
  6. If you think its bad here this year, you would hate Wisconsin in Spring.
  7. Happy 1st day of Astronomical Spring! The sun angle is getting quite high now!
  8. I think SE AZ has one of the best climates in the entire Western US.
  9. I prefer Convection precip or heavy steady rain. Drizzle is blah.
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