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  1. Had some periods of very heavy showers with massive rain drops. It was incredible. Picked up 0.25" today, not too bad. It's cold!
  2. Very windy and much cooler today! Finally will see rain tonight and tomorrow morning!
  3. Today was kinda interesting. The high was 77F, while the low was 41F. The dew points dipped into the 10's briefly this afternoon and now its back up into the 50's.
  4. The sun peaked at 48.9 Degrees in Orcutt today. Sun is getting weaker
  5. The Central Coast could see its first rain of the season next Saturday!
  6. Already at 94F today. Yesterday there was dense fog in the morning which moderated temps from reaching really high.
  7. Why is the Marine layer so entrenched this September. At this time last year the marine layer season was basically done after September 10th.
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