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  1. What blows me away yet more is that most of the snow fell within 1 weeks time during a season that only had around 2 weeks of real winter, and that most of it melted by early February!! And it basically all soaked into the thirsty unfrozen soil, similar to the previous winter's precipitation. In January I totally expected to see more of January's snow hang around till some time in March, but even the very deepest drifts have mostly disappeared! The winter of '07 - 2008 was the snowiest of my records, but does anyone know if that was also an elnino winter too? It seems like NINO winters are more active in my area.
  2. I don't care either, but the Marxist racists do.
  3. They are doing it for a number of reasons including needing more democrat voters, changing congressional districting control (they are moving them to some areas to be counted in the next census), making the the country less white, and so on. They are committing treason by not protecting this nation that they swore under oath to protect!
  4. I thought my governor was sending national guard , but I'm not sure. Kristi Noem (if I remember correctly) was sending razor wire.
  5. I nearly lost my 88 year old mother around Christmas when she supposedly had Covid for the first time? Not sure how she managed to never have it before now because nearly everyone around her had it at some point. But she also had UTI, another light stroke, and possibly sepsis all at the same time and she still survived!! Just got her out of rehab yesterday. (I'm pretty sure I had covid twice, the last time around 2 years ago.)
  6. You might've had covid without realizing it since symptoms were/are basically non-existent for some people.
  7. I totally agree about the under reporting! Precip. amounts here are similar to yours. I haven't checked yet, but this month is likely the wettest January of my records, with most of it from snow! The first snowstorm had insane amount of liquid, but I won't post it as I'm still not sure if I really believe it or how accurate it was. The last system brought 0.58" of rainfall bringing my weekly total to 0.83". Heavier rainfall occurred south of here in far se. IA
  8. I knew about this for several weeks and it's finally coming out in the mainstream news. It's likely true because her lovers signed affidavits, or had written depositions is what I heard earlier. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12970377/Nikki-Haley-cheated-affair-husband-affidavits-witnesses.html https://youtu.be/-QBNpIS5sGk?si=aFLVhxHYzeGmwcR8
  9. This morning's video by Benny Johnson (formerly from Iowa) has some clips of Nikki saying she got into politics because of Hillary. https://youtu.be/KAIV7VrdaPM?si=7jjrypN9Dj9VBD8z And the video that Benny is live streaming now had something about Joe Manchin jumping into the race, but I only listened to a few minutes and didn't catch much of it yet.
  10. So why did you move to an extremely conservative (by your definition) state? SD is even more conservative than Iowa, especially before IA turned redder. You're surrounded by Trump supporters and even your governor who I really like endorsed Trump! I guess you like the benefits of conservatism, but definitely aren't one. I heard Nikki was urging democrats to register as republicans so they could vote against Trump, which some were doing in my county. You're Queen Empress Nikki is basically a democrat, kind of like Hillary. She wasn't wealthy when she got into politics, but suddenly she's very rich and has a multi-million dollar home. She probably got rich from the military industrial complex system, so expect wars to continue under her leadership!
  11. I'm not in a rural county by Iowa standards, and I was talking about my precinct which is a small part of the county. I was expecting DeSantis to do better in my precinct, but it basically ended up like average Iowa polling showed. Another thing is that Iowa was basically a purple swing state not so many years ago, but the the people are waking up.
  12. It was all over the news and a quick search in YouTube or elsewhere yields tons of results. And I'm pretty sure she didn't actually know and almost seemed panicky when asked. Then she was trying to do damage control. And she's from SC and should surely have known. I was going to share a link, but figured you saw it and didn't take it the way most people did plus it's so easy to find.
  13. Oops, I just noticed this comment should probably just be in the January thread. I'll just add a comment of the cold temperatures which should make it a little more relevant to this thread.
  14. Sorry guys for not keeping you posted on my weather here lately. If I check this forum only maybe twice a week there's no way I can keep up during winter storms! Lol Anyway we had some epic winter snows here in se. Iowa with approximately 2'+ of snow last week, which probably makes for the snowiest week that I can remember of! We got 13" from the first storm about a week ago and another approximately 11.5" from the second storm. There's snow everywhere, but it blew into big drifts after the last storm making it a little easier to walk in a few places. It was difficult walking anywhere with snow reaching up to my knees at times! Some of the lower level house windows in the walk-in basement are half covered by snow. And the snowplows had to mount the huge blades like back in the 2007- '08 winter. Plus the road guys also used other equipment to clear roads. There were stranded people all over during the storms. I forgot to mention the weak system between the two big storms also produced only 1" of snow.
  15. Right off you're posting the deaths of a few people because of others trying to have some border security, but you fail to mention the many, many deaths from fentanyl poisoning, and human trafficking and possibly slave labor, which is a result of open borders. Not to mention potential terrorists etc coming through as well. But I think any human death and suffering is no bueno!
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