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  1. *Checks models* I get it, it's March in Oklahoma. Lol. We skipped February entirely. I'm paying for that cool summer I got last year. Meanwhile California is going to spend 2.5 weeks below average. Because in 2021 that makes perfect sense! Congrats to my friends up in Wisconsin, Iowa, Chitown and parts of Michigan in the next 2-3 weeks. Let it snow.
  2. @jcwxguy I have no complaints worth mentioning now, but I truly pray for your healing. I'm sorry to hear this with all my heart. God still heals, brother. I know it.
  3. If I ever get the stupid idea that a west-based La NiƱa is a good thing for winter weather in the south-central states, ever ever again, my dear friends here have my full permission to reprimand me and remind me of 2020-21. That is all. Lol. At this point, a bland ocean contrast would be great. Lol. Maybe Florida can score some snow next month! Haha.
  4. I can't thank you enough. Just can't. I'm too blessed. And I'm absolutely looking forward to it!
  5. I'm tickled to death for you, friend. You've waited a long time. Enjoy it! Thank you for sharing!
  6. @Tom, @Grizzcoat, @someweatherdude, @jaster220 and anyone else I forget (there are probably 4 more of you, at least) who make the board what it is. Just keep doing what you do. Forget the haters. We tried, and I'm actually glad that some of you to my north aren't sitting under the great NW flow shaftola today like we would have been under anomalous PV and what EVERY RELEVANT SIGN AVAILABLE showed us long range guys. If you "Critics" (to put it politely) could go back to August/September boards where Tom and I were studying and get closer, please teach us how. I'm all ears. The rarity of events
  7. Winter and the SSW made a fool of me again. Relevant winter is all but over for me. The cold will probably show back up about springtime and ruin it. Woo.....hoo..... Sorry if I've misled folks again for the 6th year running. It wasn't intentional. Glad you all are patient with me and great friends.
  8. Man, I like the Chiefs because of Andy Reid and his character, but they have to be playing Baker Mayfield, and well, as an Okie first and foremost, you know where I'm going to choose. They could have throttled Pittsburgh but I think they backed off out of respect, honestly. I hate that so much. (My team for life, regardless, has always been the Steelers and always will be.) Would be cool to see some snow and cold get in there and mix it up. If you can't tell, playoffs has me in a moral quandary this year. Bad. I've never had so many of the teams I like right at the top. It's usually a bit
  9. Modeling going pretty crazy right now. Going to be fun to see all the outcomes over the next few days. I'd watch trends and don't get too hung on one solution right now. One thing that's sure, somewhere from my backyard to the SE is getting ready to see a huge uptick in precipitation. Like @jaster220pointed out. Looking like a Nino for a bit until the flip and, as I hoped, the Gulf is open for business. The bad news is, someone's getting a ton of rain. By a ton, I mean like 10 inches. Glad it won't be me. Lol. As of right now though, GFS has it anywhere from Louisiana to West
  10. I understand that. It's why you see (or don't see, lol) me disappear sporadically now. I get a bit bummed out. I've been waiting 5 years on real winter. It takes its toll on the heart when winter forecasting is your main fun in the season. It's going to flip. I know it is.
  11. Man, I'm still full of hope for you buddy. You have been the most "whiffed" member here I think. I hate that it keeps missing you. Also @CentralNebWeather, I'm going with a huge bust on my part on the colder than average part of my forecast. That ship sailed 40 days ago. I'm sorry about that. I had forgotten about the massive inversions in the analogs I had and those stupid warm ridging episodes over the heartland rarely ever roll so far into the next winter from summer. Has made for some dynamic extremes in other areas of the globe though.
  12. I hope we all get some of that next one. If it is what I think, may be more than we all want. Lol. I've been ready for this for 3 years. It's just got to tap that Gulf and it's on like donkey kong.
  13. GFS starting to show where we're headed....FINALLY! I knew all that cold wasn't going to run off the EC. Hasn't happened yet in 6 months, not gonna start today. @Grizzcoat May have a little LRC in it. (I don't call my process that or by a name, really) Looks just like December. Winter's back.
  14. I'm not going to lie, this pattern change is wearing down my patience. Getting tired of waiting, but I'm still holding. Pacific has been stealing the show for a few weeks now. I still believe the BSR is applicable, but then there's that much going on up there, models will struggle. Not sure how our ongoing SSW ranks on all time list, but it's a really extreme one. Looking longer range the ensembles do show the cold filling in to Canada, so a trend has started. That's positive to see.
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