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  1. A quick look at the El Niño/La Niña Intensities and years would lead me to believe that negative/neutral or weak Niña episodes actually produce more icing events. This is likely due to the cold air source location in La Niña winters and the cold layer of our atmosphere being more shallow or less dense. La Niña doesn't often trigger an upstream blocking episode to contain the deep cold over our continent or Canada. I think this is right. May check me on it. I know 2010 and 11s blocking episodes were anomalous. Those were post-Nino, but in a La Niña that made the whole Pacific cold, if i recall it rightly.
  2. Been my experience that ice events either precede or follow Niños. Ice storms here in 1999, 2000 and 2001, then January 2009 are pretty major ones from memory. (My opinion...)They are hard to look up because their effects, if not in a large city, are recounted, documented by locals who went through them but not so much by the areas around them. There's a YouTube video of NWA and Northeast Oklahoma and my hometown in Jsnuary 2009s (winter 2008-09) ice storm. Its pretty wild stuff. It was scary. I remember reading an ice storm study that looked at tree rings to determine which years saw ice events and their effects. Other than that, i don't know of much to find on the topic.
  3. Mini Katrina. Well.... Its never good to see a left turning tropical cyclone/hurricane. Would fit part of my summer predictions, though, if it came true.
  4. I'm wondering if it really makes sense that all models are totally reversing this pattern in the 10-15 day ranges, putting a huge ridge in its place across the heartland and up through the lakes. I don't know if I can agree with them just yet. We'll see. I'm truly glad to see precipitation in any form on the drought regions.
  5. Well, I'm noticing that the eastern flank of Niño has really spiked the last few days, too. I hope this fades and becomes central based as we go, but I could be wrong. I definitely do not downplay the significance of our massive rainfall deficit region either. More than anomalous would be a great way to put it.
  6. Yeah. 2009-10 was the prettiest winter in a long time for many people. That whole late summer, autumn and winter were awesome weather it seemed like.
  7. Its a very marked pattern difference in the two. My theory is that in Modoki, the southern branch has less heat but retains the moisture load allowing for slower moving large storms and more precip in our area. The last Modoki was in 2009-10, I think. By the time a major Niño or East-based Niños hotbox Pacific influence on our atmosphere wanes, if the Pacific is in agreeing pdo phase, it's usually very late into the winter before we see snowfall.
  8. In our area, humid moist in summer BUT cool, dry autumn then cold, wet, snowy in winter. In extreme + Nino episodes with a huge positive pdo signature, it's like the tropics invaded us. Pacific air flooding us for days. In a weaker, more moderate or central Pacific Niño (Modoki), the southern branch can't continually pull hot air off and we see a year like 2009-10 happen. Extreme or very weak Nino episodes are pretty much in the equal chances category. N.Pac ocean temps are a huge part of this equation as well. That's one that has been debated since the great warm pool of 2013-14 and part of '15, known as "the blob" for a time.
  9. This is awesome research and also an interesting trend over the last two decades. I wonder if this is a pattern that will reverse over the coming years or grow. Seems likely that eventually it would shift or reverse altogether at some point, in my opinion.
  10. 76-77 and 77-78 were the twin weak-mod Niño episodes that marked the great climate shift. I'll have an order of 77 with a side of 1995. With a 2009 as a cherry on the top. I find it remarkable that we talked a few times about the end of last year and beginning of this one about 2008-09 and things are still really tracking in that way...In my opinion anyway.
  11. It looks to continue reloading for the forseeable future, too. Split-flow for days across the Pacific.
  12. Thrilled to see precip currectly traversing the stack of central states this evening and tonight!
  13. If enso peaks by October, you will very likely get your wish.
  14. A little more info.... We are very nearly at the tri-monthly threshold to make it official. Although heat is surfacing in the east at a rapid rate, it has no depth to supply it...(last image). Lastly, looky at this forecast....(next image). Sorry they're out of order. They didn't post correctly.
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