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  1. Big win here is places needing rainfall before the summer kicks it into high gear. I think the humid fetch/foliage aspiration here will keep overall temperatures lower than parts west or north of me in this deal. Let's hope I'm right. Interested to see when the tropics start kicking, also.
  2. Oh my! That's freakishly scary. Stay safe!
  3. 88 degrees and beautiful. Perfect July 12th weather. Oh wait...
  4. I think eventually NWArk will be the same way. They outbuild and outgreed common sense and fudge standards that have a purpose of order and "boom". I pray you don't have to deal with the issues. Going to be hot fast. Best be ready and enjoy the summer if we can.
  5. Yes! It was like every time i was outside, even when it was warm, it was just like being annoyed and pushed around the whole time. I never knew wind could be so annoying. It was remarkable, though.
  6. Edit/add... The subsurface pentads are west/CP Niño all the way. Historically, when theres no cold pool anywhere in the PAC, the cold pools over the US.
  7. I don't doubt the ultimate progression here is to weak CP style, but man, this thing just keeps cranking along. May be another year or may be ultimately a non-Niño warm phase fluttering on the .5 bar. My opinion. Stuff is changing a lot globally right now. Very interesting.
  8. One more... Yesterday and today marked the 9th anniversary of the latest snows I've ever witnessed here in 2013. Crazy how long that's been now.
  9. I said same thing. Thats a wild April up there, though. I bet they feel like its been winter forever this year. Oklahoma set its record for windiest known month, if I'm not mistaken. Not bad for a place where "the wind comes sweepin down the plains..." I'll remember it forever because I've never in my life just heard nonstop roaring wind for days on end. Crazy.
  10. The reports on the near 2 inch rains and wild snows up there are pretty awesome! I'm so glad for you all. Cannot say it enough. I second the comment about "if this were winter" basically. This pattern is nuts. There's going to be a year folks, where this stuff all lines up just right. It's also a great reminder that the bad never lasts forever.
  11. Bout to get a good pouring And a 60 plus mph thump. Thankfully tornadoes/rotation on my end are dissipated.
  12. I love videos and pictures, but please PLEASE come back safe with them. That incident (chasers in KS) and a major accident here (non-weather) with youth in my county say enough about the importance of valuing life and safety and awareness first. It's just a massive loss, to say the least. Same when a community is devastated.
  13. Yeah. Not going to be good down here in the Ozarks. That and the coupled threat of high priority severe threats of all types over the next 10 and it's not ideal. Thankful, very much, for the rainfall in Nebraska and TX specifically. Was getting to be a horrible situation and still is for many areas of Nebraska.
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