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  1. Ysah. That period from the 1st to the 5th around the south is going to be sketchy in some places. I think we still have some evolution on that latter storm in the modeling.
  2. This is awesome. That round's going to be cold too!
  3. 0z GFS turns me into Buffalo by Feb 5th. That's a 1918 scenario and is plausible, actually.
  4. Two simultaneous problems would make this storm interesting... 1) Underestimating saturation in lower levels 2) Underestimating the trend to be colder that modeled at various times this year on the southern-end. That said, 6-10 inches is still looking like a good call for my area with everything I have looked at. Somewhere just to my north and east is going to get a footer in. I know it. I'm guessing a real number at around 8.5 inches.
  5. "Lols at number 5". Haha. That would be destructive. Probably going to go ahead and rule out my 30 inch snowstorm.
  6. Well, can't say the close of this month isn't delivering, finally. Its a huge split when viewing the metrics of our regions winter in the north as opposed to the near tropical experience we have had at times here on the south end. Seeing eastern and northern regions end their droughts in rapid succession this month, while still in the closing grips of La NiƱa is nothing short of remarkable either, IMO. Pattern reload by the 25th was a call i believe I made somewhere up the page. Looks to be dead-on. Gonna be a fun finish!
  7. @Tom I like what I see there. There's huge agreement amongst most members of my area getting 6-10 inches at the moment. @jaster220, I think you're getting cut off this one but looks like the arctic express after may drop off some snow up there after. It looks like a repeat blitz to start February, but we gotta see how this shakes out first.
  8. Pretty wild spread. I was reading the disco earlier. I understand going with the lower amount based on that and possible melting in spite of a time when its really going to puke great snow here by all modeled outcomes. Fun couple of days coming up.
  9. This has been long overdue, should it all verify. A right and true "classic" in our era.
  10. That's a nice looking ensemble run there! Wowza.
  11. This one looks beautiful on the plateau here in the Ozarks. I'm getting my hopes up.. Blizzard conditions is starting to look interesting.
  12. Well, buckle up. Looks like winter is on its way back. Great disco on the SER also. Quite the unusual scenario there. Meanwhile, I know Siberia is holding down some of its coldest air in 2 decades, so theres a pretty solid supply to throw across the globe at that super stout ridge. As Tom mentioned, the real result of that war of air masses could be an amazing storm right on my head down here. There's historical precedent, for sure. Another option is a stalled and sheared overrunning event later on and those are good for nobody pretty much. Close of the month looks fun.
  13. My oak tree leaves lay all winter season until the next spring and i move them in the spring. The area i move them to (and have for several years) has some of the best, topsoil and earthworm/nightcrawler dirt you could make. It makes amazing soil. Fun fact: Its also less annoying than clearing it all away 23 times from September through December in a season like we just had. Lol. With the wind we have had, I'd be clearing part of 2 counties in Arkansas' leaves this year. Haha.
  14. Yes. I have had a fair bit of thought that everything would line up one round this season and that's right in the appropriate time window. The alternate part of this deal until then is going to produce the extremes reminiscent of last summer. Droughty regions in TX, western OK, KS and parts of NW Nebraska all look to continue the persistence trend until the compressed jet battering Cali into "once a generation" flooding submission connects later into the end of winter.
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