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  1. All about displacement, storms, blocking and speed. Polar sourced air is still polar air. Right now the polar air is dumping out over the Aleutians, but it won't last that way. Just waiting on an inevitable logjam out east.
  2. These are the folks cancelling winter, too, so keep that in mind. Lol. Anyone wanting some forecasting experience, November will be the gauntlet down here and up by you. Going to get wild.
  3. I know what the southern end of this psttern is capable of, too. Let's get this party started, is all I can say. I've been ready for 4 years. Lol. I'm not calling off my calls for this to be a monster winter here. The first of a generation of them. Not all mega winters, but an era of real winters.
  4. In a container ship off the coast... Evergreen? Good job Brandon. Lets go....lmao.
  5. I love it. Thats right where i want it to go. Has winter implications. Not for Andie though! I like the low track.
  6. Our atmostphere is like old school spring tonight. Craziness. Tornado in Coweta, OK tonight. Will likely be more ans damage through my area in the next few hours. Not going to get a lot of sleep.
  7. Seeing it grow would only lengthen winter in my opinion. Keep seeing cold surges coming there. Incredible. Just seems like we have been watching warm on those for 6 years.
  8. If Flowers is wrong and that shows up in October instead of later into late month/November. This winter will be lit. Say Oct 10 vs Nov 1... Its not much of a difference to some but it will be important on this southern flank if the cold shield (should we have one). It could add a second strong cold air mass to our overall pattern in late winter instead of wasting it later into March.
  9. That ridge migrates north and west after Tsunami season plus seasonal changes scrambles the wavelengths.
  10. I've been thinking about the harvesters, myself the other night while enjoying the cool, dry air. The last 2 weeks for a lot of those folks has had to have been one of the most beautiful in a long time. When I looked at the moon and felt the seasons, just know that I havent witnessed a September like this in over 20 years. Probably since the early 90s when I was a kid. Anyway, random thoughts, but what a beautiful harvest moon it was this year. Calm before the storm?
  11. Pretty milk-toast weather for the large part of us for a few morecdays to a week, probably; but, where our focus should be right now is what a super typhoon is going to set off when it thrashes the polar regions and then there Sam on the other side. Get ya opopcorn ready because the show's about to start as we close this month out. October is going to be interesting... Blend of 2010 and 2013 plus 2014 are my playbook options right now, but a 2000 and 2001 blend is a probable one as well. Southern jet is going to do some weird stuff this year based solely on just "NiƱa metrics".
  12. I'm beyond excited. Those 50s for however long will feel amazing. It'll be like being woke up and refreshed.
  13. I'm ready for fall. Lets get some! This summer is too darn long! Glad to see the cold front!
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