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  1. At 86/62 and 4.87 inches of rain, (today's data won't change much) September was very warm and humid as the DP averaged 60. The closing days' highs, at or above 85 degrees since the 23rd, have really boosted an already warm opening week to start things off.
  2. Of note, we have hit some of the highest -PDO values ever this year....in an El Niño. How wild is that?
  3. Ahead on GFS, if the 3 frontal passages in 10 days works out, that'll pretty much be as real as autumn can get for a lot of us. If that's our new pattern, wait til December and January.
  4. Well, there's my late 70s and 09-10 analog comments confirmed in a good way. Would be wild to see 6 weeks straight of snow-covered ground or winter from Thanksgiving to spring break.
  5. Believe it or not, I have never actually been there, but I do know the picturesque part to be truth. This whole area and northeast of me is really beautiful. A lot of the Ozarks are. I don't think you'd be disappointed.
  6. I was saying the same thing, basically. I know a lot of folks who don't believe in it or discredit it but believe in unfounded things.
  7. Here's the numerical spread on Niño predictions for each model. There are some that are way stupidly too high. This would explain the forecast avg that I believe is too high. A lot of the models start at too high of a number to begin with. I removed some of the models so the averages could be better seen. (2nd Image)
  8. Lezak's theory holds more provable merit than many of the other weather/climate-related theories have over the same span. Its still not perfect, but I have to give dues where they are due.
  9. I saw recently from something that was posted last weekend by Joe Bastardi that we are, even in grip of Niño, at only +0.23C globally in terms of temperature anomalies. Nowhere close to a record. #FailNiño
  10. I believe 15-16 was a super-Nino suckfest all the way from October up, but I was deceived by the water temp alignments off Mexico and the US west coast. They overrode some of Niño effects, but not all.
  11. I'd advise against any new articles that scream super Niño without even stating a forecast number. Like some released today. There's no evidence anywhere to support a "super-Nino." None.
  12. I saw that earlier. Let the fun begin. I've believed that fall would arrive like a crash, so this fits perfectly.
  13. Got a good feeling that cycle should break soon. The late season warm spells have made every summer seem too long for the last decade. It flips, eventually. I know it will. I'd imagine our Marches/April's have been averaging cooler than average during the same span.
  14. Lot of folks out west looking to kick off their snow seasons right in the next 10 days. Especially the PNW, but in fantasy ranges (240-384), every western state receives snow.
  15. Got a great rain and had our ditches cleaned out well. Lol.
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