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  1. Rolling through the home stretch on spring, figured I'd post the map of my 14 day rainfall. Very blessed here to not have droughts this year, as the west has begun hoisting drought emergencies yesterday with much of the region under drought of some form.
  2. Perfect observation and incredibly well timed, my friend.
  3. We're a spot or 3 behind 2013's pace of blobbery, but the similarities are all in place. Heat content in the NE pac is pretty low now, but I'm watching it....
  4. Here's lookin at the center of the East Pacific... Expecting longer term warming in this region along with waters above (N) and west of ENSO region BBB- "Bring Back the Blob"
  5. Absolutely and unequivocally correct and well said. Have to see the globe as a whole instead of looking at all the places we're told. Same that we need to look at the atmosphere vertically more than we do.
  6. It's time for the Pacific to roar in 2021. Should make for interesting weather on our side of the globe later on.
  7. Caught the 3 AM southern MO storm last night near Cassville. Ping-pong ball hail and tree damage. I figure if that little storm had that kind of kick, the ones up north did too.
  8. What is apparent in that temperature profile is an era when the warm tropics have ruled the climate near the continent. 2 super NiƱos and a monster Modoki in there, plus the PAC being anomalously warm (PDO+ or at times ++, Aleutian Warm pooling) are all contributions here in my opinion. It's compelling that the interior has cooled, and is a trend I look to see continue over the next 10 years. Especially if we enter an era of warmth from the central Pacific west while the PDO goes neg. Changes are coming over the next 18 months to 3 years, imo.
  9. Had to share this. When you're hungry but, weather stuff.....
  10. Possible tornado touch down and every road with a low-water in the area is impossible for the time being. Quite a round of storms. I don't ever sleep on severe wx after snow in April. Its as right as it gets.
  11. Meanwhile,.... we have the typical *sarcastic tone* 6:30 am Tornado Warning here in Eastern Oklahoma, where the storms do whatever they want and the tornadoes don't matter. Lol. Welcome to storm season!!
  12. As @MIKEKC also mentioned in his area, extensive tree damages and leaf curling on a bunch of oak trees and fruit trees here as well. Going to be interesting to see what happens with the hardwoods nut harvests and such over the next season and after. Will be interesting to see if the oaks go into max nut production mode in the coming seasons. Feels like it's been 10 years+ since the hardwoods have fruited off in bounty.
  13. As someone pointed out, and especially for my friends in KC and I down here on the south and eastern portions of the forum, 3-4 days above avg tops in the pattern isn't really overwhelming warmth. I love the contrasts though. One poster at 90 degrees and other at snow and 30 degrees in successive posts.... Got a feeling that after we exit this month, the contrasted extremes from one side of the forum to the next are going to grow as extensive heat and drought risks stand or grow for many. I'd hoped that folks outside of this region would gain some more, but I'm going with "not gonna
  14. Man, no kidding. Definitely a no drought zone in our necks of the woods. Going to be some good severe wx with that I'm afraid, too.
  15. If allowed, enough black squirrels are said to overrun fox squirrels or "reds". They're stronger and more aggressive. That's probably why you're seeing more of them as time goes. That's my understanding of it.
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