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  1. Don't get disappointed. Lol. I really think this is the ending of this ridge. I'm going to be the coolest place in Oklahoma again for August if long-range is to be believed. Hope I did well on my timing a couple of weeks ago. Old Mason Dixon line and Ozarks to E/NE through Appalachia look to cool and "backdoor" cool air in going thru probably 6 wks. Not going to be "summer-ending", but refreshing, for sure.
  2. Looks amazing. I mean really really amazing. Like a very long winter for everyone but the SW and far East/SE coast.
  3. Yeah. Worth noting he disagrees with me. I'm faster. He's probably got it breaking all the way down in September. I see breaks before then for you starting around mid week one or so. Euro looks mixed, i think, so we'll see. Promising thing is that it breaks, eventually.
  4. Parts did, but missed me. All around me and felt great outside. Smelled and looked like fall outside even though its summer. It's so weird.
  5. Its not yet. But on its way. Opening week of Aug iirc. No change what the next ten was/is going to be. Pure heck.
  6. I remember some from that year and I remember a few from probably 1998-2000 down here or around Paul's Valley/Paoli area. I remembered going to bed one night after working and watering a 1.5 acre garden and having fought all late june and july to get it going only to wake up one morning to it all literally being flattened and/or fried dry like someone dehydrated it. My grandfather had seen that happen before, but i hadn't. I only remembered and went back and researched it years later. We were done for the summer after that. Some folks who are awake at night when they happen hear roars and what sounds like low sonic booms. Its wild.
  7. So, your region may get to see heat burst-related phenomena later very soon. Possibly.
  8. Change my state's name to "Aaahhhklahoma".
  9. "Eeehh! Like a GL/OV!" -Said in Jim Carrey's voice- I like that. That's the "triange" I'm kind of hinting at on inland snowfall.
  10. So beautiful. So very beautiful. Look @Andie. I couldn't draw that up any better. God is good. Always.
  11. Also, @Phil.... Anyone still write or wonder about the day the QBO winds basically stopped completely? There are a lot of very very interesting things going on right now. A pendulum always swings back. Seven green Christmases sandwiched in between 2 brown summers says change is here. From, myself to Jaster's region and to yours all share weather a lot. I think we are going to see some of the best interior US winters we have seen BEFORE our lives.
  12. It looks like that chart has captured the bookends of a climactic era. So, do we do 1975-1980 in reverse? Mixed with 1936-41 in forward. Lol. In analog ideas, i think you get what I'm saying. You used to do a lot of writing on the global circulations, I'd say they're changing, or about to, yes? I believe we may have just left an era of climactic favor over the US. My thoughts, for what they're worth.
  13. Yeah. I'm not delighted in your misery either. You get what i was saying. In your other post, i like what I'm seeing in Canada and AK. That's hope. But yeah, late August and early September can punch the 100 degree card easily here still just as May did.
  14. That side of the globe is baking. Awful. I hare to think of what's going on over there right now.
  15. @Tom There's my crash. Boom. EPS crushes that ridge out in many runs now too or is starting to. Starting to see a pretty nest tropical plume kick over TX too. This ridge has a future appointment at Phil's house and points e/ne if my guessing is correct. Good good news. Prayers answered.
  16. 2008-09 was scary here because the cold was all over, the precip too, but never at the right times. Beautiful autumn, sloppy, hit or miss start to winter....Then in January 2009, the Gulf finally puked up a tropical blob of moisture at the right wrong time and "bang" the huge ice storm of 2009 is born. 1975 is historic for the massive storm complexes that originated over TX and Oklahoma and of course the "November Witch of 75" that rewrote GLs shipping history and broke the nerve of what was left of the heart of the steel milling industry. It was known for its wrathful storms. Researching October 2000 as a guide for how this goes out, its a crash. Hoping we get it earlier.
  17. Of note, its been many years since western Canada has had the precip being advertised. That's a huge difference from the past few years. I'm sure they are grateful. That moisture is important for future cold fronts. Also beautiful seeing a heat ridge get beaten back west and south. Slowly but surely, friends.
  18. All signs do point to an "epic" reversal right over this heated death dome. Winter 2000-2001 was basically enough winter to beat 1997, 1998 and 1999 ...before December 1. Another year of interest and comparison is 2008. I'll just say this: Humid fog here in July has always been a tell. Humid fog in a heatwave/drought, well...give me 6 mos and watch what this turns into. My oak tree actually started shedding leaves from heat stress today but with the humid fog, it smells like fall. Another year of interest, 1975, simply for the weather patterns leading here over a longer cyclical span. I think everyone will be ready for winter this time when it gets here. Lol.
  19. Hoping you get a few drop downs right on the outside of that forecast, but core of heat is going to stay there for awhile yet.
  20. I knew that in my lifetime, I had never ever heard wind just roar and blow until it was simply annoying to be outside. Will be remembered for the rest of my life for sure!
  21. We need high quality investment in restoration, updating and maintaining/managing these systems as they are still proven time and again to be the best and most stable power generation systems we have even at the age of the tech they are built on. If we aren't learning the differences in proof vs ideology in these events and times of real extremes, by now, we don't or haven't gained anything. That said, this is going to be a test for an entire region. When our states do something together, we give it a hundred and ten degrees...er percent, I mean.
  22. Yeah. Going to be absolute hell here. No other way to say it. Fastest flash drought I have ever seen here. Picture says it all.
  23. Yeah. I'm afraid this thing has a future home in your backyard at a later date. When the deluge came here awhile back it was what they call "drought rain", by old school methodology. You could just kind of tell it was done for a bit. Finding things to be happy about here in that map. Bathtub of warming water in and around the Aleutians "should" be great.
  24. I believe we are in the start stages of seeing the N. Hem temp stepdown. Some things are just perfect.
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