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  1. Do you think in real life Link would lose half his hearing after blowing up some of the monster camps with his remote bombs especially the ones with TNT barrels? Those are always fun and are my monster alarm clock when it's time to wake em up! https://zelda-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Remote_Bomb#:~:text=The Remote Bomb in Breath of the Wild,case they will remain (mostly) inert once set.
  2. That's what I meant. Jim see's all this cold and it happens a lot then he sets everyone *including himself* up for major disappointment when in reality the pattern just wasn't really there. He'll then not show for a long time when the pattern isn't 'promising' as in for too long. Sometimes he scores major for you guys and it's always fun to see: but it's like throwing darts and Oregon is usually ignored in his forecast so if he does score decent it means squat down here. Reading between the lines is what I've learned since Oregon get's the shaft. If it weren't for the Eugene p
  3. DON'T SAY THOSE WORDS! We need a Yakker Tracker for these forums. I wonder how often it would go red?
  4. Is the top map where Snow is seeing all that 'cold air' coming from?
  5. I just saw it a few posts back minus the colorful words part: Yet........ You and Snow having an argument where he see's all this cold air that ain't there. I really don't get where he see's things.
  6. You know the forums are in for a hot time when one poster thinks it will be very cold and the other thinks it will be very warm then they both argue and throw some VERY colorful words at each other. The real truth is often right in the middle but never mind the skulls piling at the sides of the screens. Nothing to see here folks! The Naked Gun - "Nothing to see here!" (1080p) - YouTube
  7. Let me guess. The GFS has finally latched on to reality and going to have us go straight to the furnace?
  8. Snow Whizard's cool wave dream and mine is cancelled. Looks like my warm birthday curse is right on track! Full steam ahead!
  9. Here's your hat! What a hat. Your an honorary Mousketeer.
  10. My God. Does this mean FINALLY the 'warm' weather curse on my birthday will be broken at last? Curse hath lifted?
  11. Geez I wonder why.................. (Dripping with sarcasm off)
  12. Do you think I or the area may get in the high 20s at all for mins at least once during this spell?
  13. Like I said we're the new Redding. And unlike Redding we are not equipped for it. I didn't know the defect was up to 11'' though. I thought it was more like 5-7. It seems people are purposely out to be an a** to me. Not sure what I did. Guess truth hurts.
  14. I think he did eat em up because if you read the rest of my sentence it got sunny for a good while this morning and temps dropped again at the start of it before rising. I bottomed out at 32F ironically right on the dot. Very rare that happens. Usually a little above/below. It didn't get past 45F so definitely a sub 50F high is in store unl
  15. We had a brief round of frost this morning before clouds ruined it and then it got sunny and bright mid morning. I mean VERY bright!
  16. Eastern WA is pretty big stretching from Yakima/Ellensburg to Spokan/Pullman. Which areas are you referring?
  17. According to Bing we are going up to 67F mid week which they are only like 2 degrees off on the high forecast though several degrees off on the lows.. What the hell happened to that cold pool you were talking about? Team WA hordes all that cold?
  18. This is getting ridiculous. The scroll bar is really tiny now. Time to start a new page.
  19. "Ladies and gentlemen please refrain from stepping on the rug. This exhibit is temporarily closed for your safety. A fast pass for any attraction will be issued for your inconvenience"
  20. Geez. Now Sunday's storm is coming in and nobody's posting about it? Did the models take a dump?
  21. It's quite funny how one can predict which way the models went based on whom posted the most night runs.
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