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  1. Do you think that story about the boy found half frozen was real or satire you can only find on Reddit?
  2. We only got an inch of snow here near Stayton and lost power for 4 days due to 0.75 of ice but not really any of this elusive 'snow' you guys keep bragging about. Perhaps closing my eyes and clicking my heels would fix that? Turns out Corvallis didn't even get the ice at all which is where we did a 'staycation'. It was near 50F almost the whole time except one rainy day. I know it sounds hard to believe while the rest of you froze like polar bears and I wouldn't have believed it myself till going down there. Oh and things were budding pretty good down there much more then here.
  3. On Reddit that same question was asked a long time ago and they said buses would be cancelled but school opened due to a legendary incident of a kid being found half frozen to death at the school doors by a teacher that was getting something at the last minute and found him.
  4. Ummmm yeah. A lot of TV people would suddenly be 'gone' if they dared mention anything deeper then the seasonal/ENSO scale.
  5. Do those kids get to enjoy snow days like Vancover or Victoria BC when schools close or buses are cancelled but school is open for walkers?
  6. I thought lows of 32F or 34F was normal? We had a lot of those last year in March all the way till mid April.
  7. Anybody else remember this? I got a snow day despite it falling on a Sat night for some odd reason school was closed entirely that Monday and Tuesday was a 2 hour delay. How much snow did you get? To me it seemed like 2 inches but we lived in/on a hill in Silverton. Silverton sometimes gets more snow then other places or less snow as it skirted our old town.
  8. Thing is it's not just him. They all seem to have the same mindset like they all are made in the same factory. Same with the left news ignoring any cold weather unless they can spin it to AGW.
  9. Do you think this may have helped or hindered our La Nina from bringing low land snowfall and mountain snow dumps?
  10. Did your fire alarm go off? I think I may have just heard it.
  11. I think you might want to browse some of the UK weather forums as they have more active discussions. I sometimes spend too much time there. Why can't this forum be like that? What are we doing so wrong?
  12. Or registered too? You'll be amazed how many outside of the US there is. There's even an Ireland one called Boards.IE and the UK have several.
  13. 105+ in Canada? What kind of pattern setup is this? I knew interior BC can be hot in the summer but this is asinine! Are those readings legit?
  14. What big pattern do you think screwed this La Nina up royal to the 'north' trend?
  15. I guess it depends on your definition of wet as many people are reporting sub par conditions still. The snowpack is less then 100 percent in many areas. Here's the rainfall for SCA The comments about rainfall are pretty interesting seeing the spread. We are in a long term pattern and from other sciences I see this is the 50 year event bare minimum. Doesn't mean completely dry but we will have to face making major changes in our daily lives down to a local level as it won't be what we are used to a few years from now. That's all I'll say about that.
  16. Back in September/October all the ducks seemed lined up in a row but then everything kept being held back which I knew by Dec it was over as unless a major outside force as in outside of our planet effecting trajectory of storms it was useless to hope. We are well stuck in this El Nina idiotic synoptic pattern. Even the big guys got hosed who predicted things. Where did we go so wrong it's like that massive Chinese 2011 high speed train derailment for our weather.
  17. Burning is already allowed here. Salem Reporter mentioned it back in the beginning of the month. The fire marshal lifted the burn bans for Marion County. I don't know how other counties around us are doing it yet but based on fire smoke when it isn't raining I'm willing to bet Lane or is it Linn county has lifted it as well.
  18. Feels like we are in a El Nino. Are you sure this LaNina isn't fake news and we are actually in the other but they don 't want to scare the public anymore then they have to? I can't figure out where we went so wrong in predictions.
  19. Just got to love those heavy toxic metals in our hazy skies and in our local rainwater! Yum! For the first time this Christmas we've got a decent mid range portable air filter and it really does make a difference on icky inversion days which a few days this month have qualified as 'semi' stagnant. Also Lots of 'burning' going on around us not sure why the rush. The burn ban was lifted by the fire marshal at the beginning of the month for Marion County. We just run it for 2 hours on bad days using the timer and you change filters once every 6 months or so. We've used it a few time
  20. Why does your post about your brother feel like an 'I'm a Gambler Ask Me Anything' thread on Reddit in the I'm A section. He'd be loved there and net those 1.5K upvotes pretty fast!
  21. Your better off in San Diego they don't have a lot of the problems that plague LA (done by bad politics and ignorance to not cross any invisible lines on here) plus you'll be near the San Diego zoo and Safari! And much much better scenery. If it's too hot or cold you can just go a few miles inland or oceanside to escape.
  22. Seen this too many times. I don't think it was ever there to begin with. Models assume the old way of doing things. Can't have artic air without actual artic air.
  23. Which is better at handling it in terms of schools shutting down,power outages,mass disruption?
  24. Which city would shut down more when it snows and how much would it take for either city you think before they do shut down? Also what other severe weather have you seen or heard they get such as thunderstorms,heavy rain,high winds,etc?
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