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  1. Hanging in at 42 after a high of 43. Cloudy and sort of vapid.
  2. I believe one of the experts on SSW events said that a developing SSW tends to strengthen the likelihood of our old friend AL popping up. Obviously we have had AL around for quite a while now. Hopefully he doesn't return due to the newly building SSW. It seems unlikely that he would return so quickly.
  3. 28 for a low this morning, currently 31. No fog here. I'm agreeing there is a pattern shift ahead but that block is bordering on being too far west. At any rate it's way better than warm and wet. edit: just saw the ensembles, looking better
  4. 38 here and partly cloudy. Had .25” of rain. Waiting for the good stuff.
  5. Looks like a good setup into the last frame to me. Tough to see if it's slowing down though, s
  6. That big crash I just heard was Jim slamming the back door to the forum.
  7. Careful, you are getting close to "Debbie Downer" territory.
  8. Howdy neighbor. Pretty to look at but I wouldn't put much stock in that graph.
  9. I think our time will be mid-February. The PV will be bludgeoned into 1000 tiny fragments and one of those tiny fragments will take up residence near Moses Lake Washington providing a two week stretch of cold pool heaven for those of you living near the gorge.
  10. I remember that. Not an uncommon scenario either. Those lows seem to want to move north quite often. I’d much prefer they come in near the mouth of the Columbia and sit there awhile before moving northeast. Keep being optimistic, it’s often contagious.
  11. I’m the one who should be apologizing. I am frustrated with the way this thing is evolving and I tend to go off half cocked at times. I often feel that there is too much unwarranted optimism on here and I like to kick up a bit of dust. Your posts are always very well reasoned and instructive. When you put a positive spin on things you do a great job of explaining the reasons for your opinion. Thanks for the post.
  12. I was only pointing to the 850’s. I realize that you can have 850’s above zero and have a cold day. I think I had better get a hold of my frustrations and quit posting stuff before I’ve thought out the ramifications.
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