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  1. Down to 32 here. Cooler than I expected but clouds are just a few miles away now.
  2. Hit 31 this morning and it put a nice crust on the snow. 38 now with some much appreciated sunshine.
  3. .96" precip today and still have 2 to 3 inches of snow pretty much everywhere on the ground. High of 43, low of 33 currently 40. Not raining now but have some ground fog, I'll keep you updated as conditions change.
  4. Are you comparing blocking someone from your personal view to outright public censorship?
  5. Not very warm here. 39 after a low of 33. Not raining now. Still a lot of snow hanging on
  6. Telling a member that his post shows a “staggering amount of willful ignorance” is more off-putting to me than any of his assertions and outdated references. More can be accomplished on this forum by showing a little respect to other members.
  7. Currently 35 here after a low of 33. It just started raining and is foggy. I still have 3" or 4" of snow most places. Right now it's miserable out there.
  8. High today was 39 after a low of 33. Currently 36 with fog and very light drizzle. It feels colder out there today than it did two days ago when it was 25 in the afternoon.
  9. I'm down to 33.3. No more precip, just cloudy with some fog. Don't know why the temp would drop but it has.
  10. Snowing as hard as it has all day now. 34 DP33.
  11. Back to snow here after about an hour of nothing falling to some light rain. 35 degrees, DP33
  12. I've added 2.5" since 8am and now have had a total of 14" so far. Temp up to 33 now with a DP of 32 so getting close to a possible mix.
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