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  1. We have machines parked there for snow removal and got a call to come move them to higher ground today. Crazy!
  2. Does anyone if you have to get a subscription to weather2020 now, nothing shows up on the comment discussions anymore this past week?
  3. LNK do you know the stats of what those winters ended up like? Obviously we know what happened in 2009-2010. I am just curious if there is any correlation when we receive the overall rare October snow.
  4. These early season snows are always a crap shoot with amounts and temps. 0z NAM is solid. This will be a good one down the road if it cycles back around when ratios would be better as LNK said.
  5. Yes I do believe it is as well. It does look pretty dry as well after the Sunday system. We need to dry out after all the rain the last 2 weeks but as we all know this time of year the pattern development is critical too.
  6. The ridge showing up on medium/long range models is not what we are all looking for. October started off on fire for a new pattern, let’s hope it doesn’t turn into a dud by months end.
  7. Looking at ndor cameras it snowing pretty good in western Nebraska. What a dynamic system this has been. Hopefully it delivers when it comes back around this winter.
  8. I know I can’t believe how fast things have dried out since we received so much rain. I was scratching my head after mowing today of how my yard looks stressed already. Might have to start running the sprinklers again this week.
  9. 92 here with a dewpoint of 73. Its nasty out there!
  10. It is looking rather promising that we will see some decent rainfall, as you mentioned we need all we can get right now. It is crazy to see the lawns and landscape starting to show signs of stress after this weekends torch.
  11. Haha I know man, it was just a little shock to the system. I have a feeling we are going to bake here in the plains this summer.
  12. Boy it just felt tropical out there today. Was hoping we were not going to hit the 90’s so early in the season.
  13. Haha, it is long overdue but its time to take this winter out back and shoot it already. Bring on warmer weather.
  14. You don’t have to pretend Craig, I said it. I’m pretty sure we live within 15 miles from each other. We have had a season total of 16”. 16” total..... and you take the bait on any model run that has shown that much on 1 SINGLE model run all winter and every winter. I’m not trying to jump your case but it’s honeslty like a bad car accident, you just can’t not watch. I hope it dumps in your backyard tomorrow afternoon!
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