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  1. One heck of a snowstorm on gfs for IA/IL/WI mid next week
  2. Looks like a pretty good gradient setting up with 40’s south of the snow and temps in the 10-20 range in the snowy areas
  3. Nice shift NW on that storm for next week on the GFS
  4. Who would have thought that after the slow start in Dec
  5. GFS has .2-.3 QPF in Iowa/IL for that system but kuchera is showing 7-8 inches of snow. Temps in the single digits
  6. Some high ratio stuff on the GFS for the Tuesday/Wednesday system
  7. GFS from HR 90 to 240 doesn’t get above zero in most of WI/MN That includes high temps
  8. GFS has been one of the best models around this year. Some people didn’t like the outcome it showed but it’s not bad at all
  9. Any reason why GFS is garbage outside of it because it’s not showing snow in your area?
  10. Bunch of imby weenies in here lol
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