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  1. GEM looks like the euro for next weekends potential storm
  2. GFS showing 1-2 feet in eastern MN/W WI https://www.pivotalweather.com/model.php?rh=2020111700&fh=144&dpdt=&mc=&r=us_mw&p=sn10_acc&m=gfs
  3. GFS looks a bit snowier/colder as well for this weekend
  4. Looks like both NAM’s shifted west a bit
  5. Ukie took a jump East and hammers E IA Also gets the low down into 980 or so in southern WI
  6. One of the best storms we had in awhile Easily 65-70 mph winds Trees down all over
  7. Would really be targeting the Kankakee/Joliet region in IL. That’s one mean looking supercell with not a lot of interference or anything in its way right now.
  8. I believe that storm just NE of Peoria is the one to watch in southern part of Chicago region. That’s the storm the HRRR has had a big helicity track through that part
  9. Several tornadoes being reported in IA so far. New watch says several intense tornadoes possible
  10. Yikes latest HRRR has several discrete supercells in N IL. One that goes right into southern part of Chicago with a strong helicity track
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