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  1. Think winter is pretty much done for February
  2. We literally had like two snowstorms here and that was it. Kind of crazy no ice up at the lakes for sturgeon spearing this year
  3. This video is insane https://x.com/Tom_Wachs/status/1746022391224861067?s=20 sums up the storm here. Reports of 15” just southeast of here
  4. Storm definitely over performed here. Already many reports of 10-12+ with several more hours left
  5. Everything on track here reports of 8+ in southern wisconsin with many hours left of snow
  6. Playing it safe is fine but using the hrrr 48 hours is stupid. HRRR should only be used within 10-15 hours or less
  7. I have a TV met calling for 3-5 lakeshore counties and using the hr 48 HRRR as his reasoning and he thinks model QPF is too high because “what’s different between this system and last system that just came through”
  8. Using HRRR or RAP 48 hours out isn’t very smart tbh they aren’t good long term models
  9. The storm is gonna disappear and hit no one
  10. Mets would much better forecast lighter than saying 10-14 and getting 5
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