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  1. That’s not quite the timeframe where it would have the most impact.
  2. Pretty impressive crash in thicknesses in the last 12 hours too. From mid 550s to around 530dm.
  3. The 12z Euro wanted to be pretty cutoffy with the pattern change a week out. Hopefully the EPS is more consolidated, since that seems to be a common problem with the operational in the 7-10 day range.
  4. Good thing we have Andrew here to make it feel twice as long!
  5. Looks like this Nina winter is starting to wake up a little.
  6. Looks like PDX scored two 60s for the price of one around midnight. At this point it will basically require a pattern like the 06z to avoid a top tier warm month.
  7. That means we will see snow every one in five days right?
  8. I don't think anyone doubts that you actually had a conference chat with papa Duggar. It's just that it means absolutely nothing in terms of what our weather actually does the next several weeks.
  9. I hope Andrew's cholesterol levels are great because he is going to have more hot dogs than he knows what to do with by the time April rolls around.
  10. Look at all the responses that one little troll attempt got. As Andrew just sits back on his thorny throne of SORROW and LAUGHS.
  11. I got to hand it to you you are putting in a tremendous amount of effort this year
  12. Some 40-ish wind gusts could probably help out with the adiabatic element. Time will tell!
  13. I could see it happening later this evening if some of those stronger wind forecasts materialize. Could mix down some warmth. Although of course we aren't really due for 60 degrees in January. I think it's happened the last three consecutive years with nothing to really show for it the month of. Our last 60-less January, on the other hand, was AWESOME.
  14. The Naked Gun series is fantastic Andrew if you haven't seen it well Im just gonna say that you must
  15. Is that black thing sticking out part of the roof of the Shari's on 99W?
  16. 12z GFS ensembles. You can see where the operational is a warm outlier, delaying the cool down between the 22nd and 24th.
  17. It definitely wasn’t worse than the operational, which is what I got out of the comment. Much much better, in fact. Never said anyone was making stuff up for the record. A comment like “ensembles are worse” is pretty vague.
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