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  1. About 1/2” inch of snowfall this morning. Temps warm to 40 today with sun. Winter looks officially over. Yeah we might get a snowfall event yet still, but it looks over for SMI after this.
  2. Front just dropped 3/4” inch of snow in about 15 minutes. Impressive rates. 3” an hour probably.
  3. Calling for 3-5 inches Monday here. A big upgrade from earlier.
  4. I’d have at least 300” but sitting at 62. So yeah. Models over 5 days out are still garbage at predicting snow.
  5. There are always cold shots in spring. Delayed? It’s already here. 1 have one day forecasted below freezing the next 8 days. Several in the 40’s and 50’s. March will start out near to above normal.
  6. Up up and away the first storm goes! Not unusual for this time of year. Welcome meteorological spring!
  7. GFS is so bad in the long range temp wise. It’s a garbage model at thermals. Always add 5-10 degree to what it’s showing after 180 hours. Also, with sun, add 5 degrees everyday to your temp forecast.
  8. I think we get well into the warm sector in March in the lower lakes. Active yes. Cutters Yes.
  9. It’s nuts here. Not going to amount to a lot. But this is the heaviest best snow I’ve seen in along time. Too bad the radar is out for another week
  10. I think they were just as confused as everyone else with the storm.
  11. Actually snowing quite heavily at the moment. Won’t snow long but should pick up an inch or two. Models always underplay the northern extent of the snow.
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