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  1. Second longest dry stretch in recorded West Michigan history. If it doesn’t rain in some areas this weekend we will beat that record.
  2. It’s getting bad here for sure. 3 weeks with less than a trace of rain. No real rain in forecast until maybe next Sunday. Lawns are dead. I’d water but at this point there is no point
  3. If it rains the next few days our only chance is a Lake Michigan afternoon lake breeze. Although unlikely, not impossible, but the odds are akin to hitting the lottery.
  4. I have about 3/4 acre of lawn. I’m not watering it this year. Just my garden and some flower areas. I’m over it. Lake Michigan water levels will likely continue to drop. River flow is dropping rapidly.
  5. I’m sitting out on the back patio with a Diet Coke watching the boys play in the pool at 10:00 am. Unusual for late may lol. Feels like July. Low 90’s by the end of the week will sure feel hot. And with dry ground i don’t doubt those temps.
  6. 84 high today and no rain in sight. It’s been almost 2 weeks. Today will be our “coolest” day of the next 5 or 6 at least. Boys are already in the pool at 10:30 am. Reminds of 2001 Memorial Day weekend. Or maybe 2000. Can’t quite remember the year. We drove up to the northern lower peninsula and it was around 90 degrees that year. Of course Higgins lake was only in the 40’s so not much relief.
  7. I miss the days when it stormed in the spring. Zero thunder this May. It’s been lacking for many years. All year long.
  8. Drought incoming for the Great Lakes region. Grass starting to brown already and we’ve just started. Not even memorial day yet. Not much rain in sight next ten days. Low 80’s today. Cold front with cool temps then it looks like the heat is on! Welcome to summer in late May early June. Rex block for the win except for rain.
  9. It’s pretty sticky. I’m turning the AC on
  10. It appears winter is finally over for the lower Great Lakes.
  11. La Niña to El Niño means a probable poopy summer in the Great Lakes. 2009 was terrible
  12. It went from sunny to near blizzard conditions several times yesterday. Amazed at the amount of melting when the sun came out and it was 19 degrees. Sun should do a number on the snow today even though temps will top out in the 30’s.
  13. 3” of lake snows already. Feels very winter out. Squally weather all day today. Currently 16 with snow/blowing snow
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