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  1. snowing at a good clip with temp down to 33 under the heavier band in NE GR. Not sticking much though.
  2. Snowing moderately here, but at 34 degress, not sticking much.
  3. 44 degrees today. What little snow we have is going bye bye.
  4. I'd go with trends. Always. And the trend is not our friend. Everything past 10 days showing cold has not panned out this year up to this year, why would it change now?
  5. Considering the GFS has failed over 7 days out time and time again, I'd side with the Euro.
  6. We are not going to hit 10" of snow by January 15th. WOW Maybe even by the 20th.
  7. It's always there at the end of the GFS long range. ALWAYS. It gets pushed back over and over and over. I'm staying optimistic though!. It has to at least be in the 20's for the day at some point this winter.
  8. If the jet stream forecast holds, we should end this miserably pattern and get at least some clippers or even some bigger storms by the 22nd.
  9. Storms are great and all, but all you need in SW MI is some shortwaves with a little moisture and cold air. The snow can really pile up without any real storms. Models don't pick up LES snow very well in the long range as well. So if the pattern changes like advertised we will do well in the upcoming weeks.
  10. My whole life is reverse psychology. It's gotta work at some point right?
  11. Yes. Something better than what we have now. But nothing to excited about. It seems this winter is moving fast towards spring. This forcaster was promoting cold and snowy the last few days and now almost sounds dejected realizing that the mid-long range is once again proving to be fantasy.
  12. Probably because, as usual, there is no REAL cold air coming.
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