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  1. I see a lot of Black Squirrels by the Lake Michigan coastal areas. Common in Grand Haven it seemed when I lived there.
  2. Might make a run at 80 again next week. Nice.
  3. Darn, couldn't even get snow out of this. Not our year in GR.
  4. Oh good, maybe we can make up the almost 3' snowfall deficit in GR this year...
  5. Looks like a 3 day cold shot for the GL's, then back to normal. Beautiful sunny average weekend coming up.
  6. Good thing about the GFS in the longer range is that it's usually wrong and overdoes every cold push 9/10 times. THen it gets 1 right and people are like "wow the GFS nailed it". How many weeks did it take to get the GFS longer range right once this winter? 8 straight weeks it showed extreme cold air and finally the 9th week it happened? I'll take the Euro for the win.
  7. Yep, back to near to slightly below normal after a really warm April so far. Long range has some cool looks, but really warm south of any frontal boundaries. Could be 55 in 10-14 days or 75. One thing I don't trust is the GFS. That model has been awful in the long range.
  8. Another day, another whiff by the GFS in temps. Up to 64 and sunny. GFS has been 5-10 degrees lower in actually temps forecast for the last 10-14 days. Good news is that the long range looks warmer than a day ago. April has been so warm and looks like we will be closer to average coming up. A nice warm spring so far!
  9. The blocking also doesn't allow any extreme cold into the country. My next 15 days are mostly AN in actual overall temps. After a cool/wet 4-6 days after this weekend, it looks to warm up significantly again. Especially with cloud cover the nights will be warmer. This has been an awesome start to spring.
  10. I will gladly take these days of warmth and trade with cooler days than just have cool crappy days all April like the last few years.
  11. April looks very April like for once. Cool nights, mild days and off and on rain. Nothing extreme. Haven't had an April like that in a while it seems.
  12. Some record highs being set in Michigan today.
  13. Nothing but near to AN highs in my extended forecast. Nice March so far.
  14. Who said the sole controller? Let me guess, you ignore all the data that points to humans causing a rapid change in climate because of your blind political beliefs?
  15. I'm buying electric next car. Current estimates are it will save 20-30 dollars per charge than gasoline. My current vehicle gets 44 mpg. I don't care if gas prices go up. It's a sign the economy is coming back. Renewable energy is the future. There will still be need for oil and gas of course. But the bitterness between people who have no real idea what they are talking about is silly. Anyone who thinks oil prices are controlled by the President in their first 40 days are completely out there. There hasn't even been time for an economic plan. We are still operating under the former administrations economy. Give it a year. Everything is so political when it doesn't have to be.
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