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  1. Lock this topic down and create a new august thread already. And moderate your shiit
  2. Decided to leave the AC off for the duration of the 6 days furnace blast. That was fun! Said enough is enough this time. It’s up!
  3. 93? A record. pretty much on par with what we dealt with last week. looking ahead, we probably won’t touch the 1972 records for Sat/Sun
  4. Wonderful day! So nice to be able to enjoy the nice blue skies. But heat is on the way. This will be back to back weekend with a heat advisory.
  5. Don’t really wanna be mean but it’ll just fall on deaf ears. We’ve literally said MANY times before on a day like today with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine the temps output for the GFS will likely be wrong.
  6. The GFS has a slightly warm bias so we can probably shave 2-3 degrees off what it’s showing(for now). Regardless, looks warm early next week.
  7. Sub-80 day at SEA!! woohoo!! Actually not even close... 77. It's what I call perfection... morning clouds even a little bit of drizzle to afternoon sunshine.
  8. WB is a good one. Don’t really see it being beat by anything else out there. But if you’re on a budget Pivotal Plus will pretty much have all your weather needs as well for 1/3 of the price.
  9. So freaking adorable. Congrats to the new family members guys!!
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