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Found 7 results

  1. If there's still an old thread, after 3 Niña years in a row; out with the old, in with the new. Today vs June 2009 (top analog) The images are obviously from different sources, but in our hemisphere, hard to shake the similarities. Discuss and enjoy!
  2. Totally incredible. The FV3 is 100% on board for another round of significant cold just like the GFS. How is this possible after having the block in place so long already. Something really spectacular going on here!
  3. Happy New Years everyone! 2020 will be here in just a few short hours... Looks like 2019 is ending on a rather warm note locally. Average high this December is 41.5 (+3.1) and low is 27.1 (+6.5) with a monthly Mean at 34.3 (+4.8) degrees. A contrast to the cool anomaly in late summer and early fall.
  4. December is a few hours away! November ended a little warmer than normal at my place, ending the cool stretch that was September (-2.0) and October (-3.3)! Still had a nice cold blast and my most November snow in several years. High: 53.9 (+7.9) Low: 21.0 (-4.1) Mean: 37.5 (+2.0)
  5. http://theweatherforums.com/index.php/topic/1494-2017-summer-el-nino-watchdiscussion/?p=233795 I'm not really interested in if it's going to happen, but I am curious how this being eastern like the model suggests is even worse than it being in the middle. The next post in that thread suggests next winter won't show up (again) if we get a nino like this. But I did some brief googling and couldn't find much of an answer as to what the positioning of el nino means, lots of pop-weather sites that don't really explain things as well as I'd like. I just find results explaining what el nino and la nina are, not the effects, specially of the location and size (though strength is usually covered). I'm guessing the location affects the jet streams in various ways and prevents the midwest from getting some arctic air and blocking patterns. But that's just an educated guess. Thanks.
  6. 2017 is right around the corner! January going to be really snowy in the mountains or mostly dry? So far the '16-'17 winter is turning out to be good for the cascades like last winter (at least for the southern half of the area anyways).
  7. How will the cruddy winter of 2013/2014 end? Will the plains finally see that monster snowstorm we have been waiting for? How will spring start? March could be a very interesting month! GFS is showing a snow event during the first week of March. Wouldn't surprise me to see a large trough come out of the 4 corners and produce a storm during that time. LRC would indicate around March 4th for that. We should probably be hoping for a Colorado Low in Nebraska/Iowa. The current models are wanting to show yet another Panhandle Hook storm, which of course misses us to the East. We really need a nice bowling bowl Colorado Low to give us that monster snowstorm we have all been waiting for. I know I'm not alone in saying this: If we don't get a monster snowstorm it might as well just warm up and be spring. I am tired of these 1-3 inch snows. I say go big or go home winter! I am just as ready for severe weather season and tornado chasing. Let's see what March of 2014 has in store! Thoughts??
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