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  1. Heavier band seems to be wanting to set up further West if you're in Lincoln. Still, even Hastings is being SUPER conservative with this. I expect them to bump up totals by tomorrow
  2. NWS is downplaying this thing BIG TIME..which is really dumb. With snow ratios as high as they will be..not a good time to downplay totals. They seem to go against all logic. Even Jim Flowers doesn't seem interested. Thinking we'll see a big change in tone by tomorrow afternoon. Amounts will start creeping up if the models keep looking this juiced.
  3. Bump. I used to be able to pin topics but after the update that function is gone..so thanks Fred
  4. GFS is horrendous and botched this last storm badly. It's all over the place with this one too. I'd go with the EURO until it budges.
  5. Looking like this is turning into a Dakota's special. Great... Still time to change but those trends seem solid
  6. It's definitely come down steadily, but flake size has been a bit underwhelming. Hopefully it will really start ripping some fatties this afternoon
  7. NWS radar is not loading..and it's REALLY pissing me off. Ever since their update it glitches and refuses to load over and over. During a storm that is unacceptable.
  8. here's the latest Hastings NWS totals. These have slowly crept up. Trends looking great. Better go get some sleep now and let the fun begin at sunrise!
  9. That heavy snow band was closer to the border earlier. Might bode well for Lincoln/Omaha peeps if trends hold
  10. That heavy snow area was closer to the border before. Might bode well for Lincoln/Omaha peeps
  11. Latest RAP is moving the heaviest band a bit north in Nebraska if anyone else notices. It's towards the end of it's range, hopefully a trend though! Has a jack zone right by Interstate 80. I am 3 miles North of the interstate
  12. Getting some nice appetizer snow bands before the main course today. Should have a couple inches on the ground by sunrise. That heavy snow band with 12+ inches is just a couple counties south of me on models, let's see if I can get a nice surprise. Should snow like crazy for 12 hours. Will only get a few hours of sleep tonight, but WORTH IT. My call for Aurora Nebraska is 10 inches
  13. Here's another one I'll have to drive back to my parents in Aurora NE for. A chin hair miss to the North at my house.
  14. I find it kind of hilarious that the least trustworthy run of the GFS is the first one that's actually matched all the other models
  15. Lincoln is in about as good a spot as you can get for this one. I'm on the outside of the trends now sitting down In St Joe. Looks like this place will defeat from the jaws of victory ONCE AGAIN. Unbelievable.
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