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  1. I am 100 percent okay with the lull in the pattern right now. Save the storms for December when hopefully the cold air is abundant
  2. Time to start using high res models. Too close to event for good accuracy on the regular ones
  3. That secondary heavy snow band down from Kansas through Missouri has been shown consistently for days and the NWS clearly isn't weighing it into their forecast. Not sure why that would be. Not even mentioning it in the discussion is pretty lazy
  4. Hey, but now they upped it to 1-2 inches! Yeahhh, this is my first year down here and I'm not impressed with the KC NWS. They seemed to have really good write ups during the summer and now this discussion today was as vanilla as it gets. Probably not real winter weather enthusiasts I take it. Totals will likely be double what they've put out today
  5. Personally I would much rather have a front loaded winter. When was the last time we had a good December? I am so sick of waiting until February and March for winter to arrive. There is no better time for snow than Thanksgiving through New Years. I know I'm not alone with these feelings. I'd take a mild back half of winter for a blockbuster December à la 2009 or 2000.
  6. Yep, I bought a house. Still planning to travel back for any massive snowstorms during the winter. Only a few hours drive
  7. Still waiting for that 3 to 4 inches the models were spitting out for days. So far this system has been a big nothing burger down here in St Joseph, Missouri. Nothing but drizzle so far with showers and thunderstorms likely in the forecast all day.
  8. The NWS point forecast is no longer accurate at all. It's a joke how wrong it's been lately. Had 1-2 inches of rain in it all day and we've maybe had a quarter inch with no thunderstorm activity to speak of. STILL has 70 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms while there's absolutely nothing on radar. The NWS has done a very lousy job in general lately, and this was about the biggest bust of them all. The worst part is they don't seem to care as they offer no explanation on the discussion page.
  9. This cyclone is beautiful. Spinning directly over the area with a clear deformation band that looks like a classic winter storm. 4 inches of rain and counting! We were extremely dry for over 2 months and now we're going to get a springs worth of rain in a few days time
  10. We don't get anything for severe weather here anymore..I don't know what's going on but it's been really quiet for the last decade in general. This spring is even quieter than the already boring last several. YAWN..
  11. Hastings NWS just did a discussion update and did not say a single thing about amounts, just that they were hard to determine. Not a single number thrown out..REALLY? You're getting paid to forecast, FORECAST
  12. The NWS was absolutely atrocious on this "winter storm". It was laughable how they were hyping it up for days and had heavy snow wordings in the headlines. Then they slowly diminish totals as it nears and then today we basically get glorified snow showers with a dusting of accumulation. Do they say sorry for blowing it on an important day such as Easter? Of course not, just crickets. The pointless snow shower makes this cold pattern even more useless and lame. 2020 continues to deliver, who's tired of winning?
  13. LOL. I'm not impressed easily. In all seriousness I was stuck inside so didn't get to enjoy it but it was nice to look at out the window for a few minutes. Only got a couple inches but oh well
  14. Anyone saying Nebraskan's shouldn't b i t c h about this pattern, just take a look at this map. This has to be the most Nebraska thing ever. I'd laugh if it wasn't so depressingly common.
  15. Michigan will do well, so it must be good and the rest of us peasants should shut up
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