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  1. I live in St Joe and moved here in August, 2020. We've had 3 Tornado Warnings since then. 2 were radar indicated rotation, 1 was an actual touchdown about 5 miles from town in October of last year! Not sure about KC. The ones last night were north of the city
  2. New Sref is unchanged. I80 special. I would expect this to be a county or two too far North, but not much more than that.
  3. The GFS is NOT a good model people. It's busted horribly multiple times this winter. Not to be trusted. Srefs are the way to go
  4. Never. That would actually give Nebraska snow.. In all seriousness, I am just EXTREMELY SALTY right now lol. I just got missed 50 miles to the south. Literally did not get a single flake in St Joe while KC got 8-10 inches. That is ridiculous. To add insult to injury, my parents live in Aurora, NE..which has gotten a grand total of about 6 inches this winter... That's about as bad of luck a snow lover can have
  5. I am NEVER looking at the GFS again. It had my location in the main band for 3 or 4 days. I was supposed to be getting at least 8 inches according to it. My forecast in St Joe is around 1 inch... People, that is BAD. Absolutely unacceptable for a major model to do that poorly 72-48 hours from a storm. I am done
  6. That is a big shift south after days of having the heavy band about 100 miles north looks a lot like the EURO. What a joke
  7. gfs has been just as steady and the euro has actually slowly moved NORTH. Not sure what you're looking at
  8. Euro control still has the heavy band about 100 miles further south compared to the GEFS. Big big difference for my place..I'd feel a lot better being in KC for this. Will be interesting considering how rock solid the GFS has been for several days, which absolutely blasts me. Will it score the coupe or fall embarrassingly on it's face? LET'S FIND OUT
  9. The ensembles are also worlds apart, so that doesn't help much here
  10. I have no clue what they're having such trouble with, but they are rarely THIS far apart in different universes this close to a storm. They have performed particularly badly this winter. I wonder if it's the progressive split flow pattern that's the culprit...
  11. You owe me one, i got 2.7 inches at my house on that last storm.
  12. My lord, that is VERY far Northwest. This would be best case scenario for my back yard. Unfortunately I remain very skeptical. The maps have looked almost exactly like this for my location 4 different times, only to get a measly 3 inch slop. The Canadian is on a completely different planet..it's comical how bad the models have been this year. By tomorrow we will be 3 days out, you would think they'd get a clue that close to a storm right?? What a joke
  13. It has snowed 3 times...each time 3 inches or less. This was the 4th storm showing a big hit for my house for days only to screw my area. I'd gladly take what you've had.
  14. I remember when it used to actually be FUN to watch models and track the storms. This year it's been the opposite. I've had FOUR different storms showing 10 inches or more on models for days, only to end up with 3 each time. Ridiculous
  15. Kansas City is really not getting a good snow. They've kinda been in a screw zone actually
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