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  1. NWS blend literally just had the entire area in central Nebraska getting 4-6 inches from this current system and look how that went. What a joke. Wouldn't trust any of these models a week out
  2. This is a really lame storm. The snow band is about 50 miles wide lmao. Anyone outside that gets zilch
  3. This storm even broke Jim Flowers. Now saying he's taking down the facebook page after the bust
  4. This storm is beyond irritating. Refuses to change over to snow and I'm NORTH of interstate 80
  5. Congrats to Holdrege..not a flake here in Aurora, NE so far. I know that's about to change but lord, it's laughable how the the precip refuses to fill in outside of that one band. It's either slower than modeled or we're busting on amounts. I pray it's the former
  6. Wow, after all this time and the king is the one to cave!
  7. The Canadian low track is literally textbook snowstorm for central and eastern Nebraska taking the low from southern Kansas and up over Kansas City. That pesky warm nose is making me nervous though as it cuts through up to interstate 80. Will be interesting to compare the EURO low track tonight
  8. Looks good for I-80 in Nebraska for once..what could POSSIBLY go wrong?
  9. The raging NINA is the problem. The SOI was on the verge of going negative in early December, had it done so we would have a much better winter going on right now. Really sad
  10. Share some with the rest of us poor saps down here please. This winter has been basically identical to last year so far. Absolutely zilch in the snow department
  11. Toss it. Does not agree with it's ensembles or any of the other models
  12. Jim Flowers was saying January should be frigid and snowy if it followed the best fit 3 peat Nina. Looks like that's going to have to start in the 2nd half. First 2 weeks are probably shot for cold and snow. So far another PITIFUL winter pattern
  13. NWS in Hastings being extremely conservative for this system, almost laughably so considering the major travel timeframe of it. Calling for 1-2 inches and not mentioning anything about higher amounts possible. The write up was a joke mentioning only some light snow with the frontal passage
  14. And keep in mind this is coming off one of the least snowy winters of all time last year Throughout history you rarely have back to back dud winters in a row in the books. This is pathetic and has to change soon
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