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  1. How well do the GFS control/OP match each other compared to the Euro? I'd expect Euro to be closer together given better model but i suppose that each define what makes a "control" relative to OP differently, so the comparison is moot regardless. Nevermind
  2. @Doiinko's sweet innocence is the only thing keeping me around. After looking like it wants to rain for the last 24 hours its finally moving in now so i had to put all my garden stuff away that had been able to gloriously bask outside the last few days. PSA: grass clippings get HOT!!! Just had to unpack half of my yardwaste can because it was about to combust.
  3. Same. It amazes me how many people have no idea how dangerous they are.
  4. My dog only eats four things: chicken treats from Costco, turkey, shredded cheese, and the kibble we smuggle in with the turkey and shredded cheese. Oh and some doggy anti depressants because why not. Oh and grass to puke and reset his stomach once a week. Interesting dog.
  5. I had no idea dogs would go for something like that. Crazy but glad he’s gonna pull through
  6. @TT-SEA yo i get that this is partially everyone else fault but lets see if we can ease off the throttle for a little bit and let others catch up....nobody likes a show off
  7. Why dont you just livestream it right now?? We know you arent working
  8. is this that hurricane that the GFS was trying to make happen
  9. We drove by at 645 this morning and figured it was just a little too early. We’ll catch you on the way home tomorrow!! getting a few nice downpours here but nothing electric
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