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  1. it is awesome out! love these days. totally reminds me of spring transition when "cloudy" days have lots of sun breaks further we get into spring.
  2. i put down all my cats after i found out how many birds they were killing
  3. we're looking for a D5/D6 for our spot in twisp...how you like it for plowing?
  4. 31.8 here and still snowing light/moderate with big flakes. Was out playing all morning and east wind is pretty stiff and uncomfortable...but I guess that’s what’s keeping us below freezing so
  5. 28.8 here w/ decent east wind. Temp hardly budged all morning. Prob got half inch new but been light for last hour or so
  6. I feel like i havent seen a 500mb map in weeks. wonder when rob will come back
  7. i dont see accident. but thank you for attempting to film it while driving in a snowstorm
  8. Getting nice big flakes here for the last 15-20 min even though radar doesn’t look that impressive over us
  9. First thing my wife did before even getting out toddler out of bed was make fresh hummer juice!
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