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  1. how does that map square with this? I guess 500% anomaly of their average 0.01 in precip over 5 days isnt very much? I know any precip at this point is good for E cascades and hopefully this can give fire work a breather before going into the final stretch.
  2. bruh i thought this was a snowy radar at first glance. D**n near poo'd mah pants
  3. Diurnal winds kicked up and have started to clear things out a bit thankfully.
  4. It’s terrible up in the methow right now. Three fires nearby and it’s just clogging up the whole valley before it can get carried away.
  5. Under control now apparently. Less than a mile from my house.
  6. yes…this chart was already posted. Are you saying I should take our exact weather patterns over the last 10 years and say - this is what the solar max/min cycle is supposed to look like? or just tell me to look it up on my own and that’s fine too
  7. Ok - someone give me the TLDR on the whole solar minimum thing, please. What effect is that supposed to (potentially) have?
  8. Juuust a few strikes up near Winthrop. Another place that absolutely does not need any fires.
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