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  1. Chilly morning! Fortunately the weather in Georgia looks much better. Gonna be so productive today.
  2. Surprised at how chilly it was this morning. Actually had to let the car sit for a few minutes to defrost.
  3. Doesn't get old. Actually got sunburnt on Saturday while golfing with my dad in Boise.
  4. Same. Grilled some burgers last night. It was nice!
  5. Well evidently it was snowing here a bit this morning but I had some panicked emails when I woke up so I didn't even look outside to see it
  6. Weren't some of us feeling pretty jaded by the maps showing 26'' in Longview, while being in the 10-15'' range? Yeah, I know I was.
  7. Pic pulled from Reddit, posted by someone that lives in Estes Park. Gonna be a whopper of a storm there.
  8. I would've loved a little last taste of winter, but playing golf in 55* sunshine last week got me in the mood for some warmer weather so, eh. Not a big deal if nothing happens this weekend.
  9. Wow, my families old place outside Monroe looks to get buried. Not to shabby here either. Impressive!
  10. Only 30 here this morning. What a fun day yesterday ended up being!
  11. Definitely had some flat out snow for a few minutes earlier today when I was on the driving range at Jackson Park
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