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  1. Weird day, temp wise. House is staying way cooler today. The low this morning being 4 degrees cooler than yesterday seems to have made a big difference. We were way off yesterdays pace, then caught up with a quick warm up to 80 around lunch time. Now the temp seems to have stalled out at around 85, back to a > -3 departure.
  2. Running about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday so far. Sweet relief! Was 80 degrees downstairs when I went up to bed last night.
  3. Bouncing around 90 right now. At exactly 90 at the moment but was at 90.7
  4. I tend to believe the financial incentive will be far to great for someone to not figure it out. Maybe that's naive of me.
  5. I appreciate the heat wave as it helps me mentally prepare for, and continue to insist that 95 isn't 'that bad' as I prepare to move to Arizona. I don't appreciate it being 80 degrees inside at 7:30 at night. BTW, here's the progress on our house. Underground plumbing is in and it's all ready for pouring of the foundation. Roof tiles showed up yesterday. Brother in law has sent a lot of videos of distant lightning in the last week. Making me a bit jealous.
  6. Been away for a bit. What's the latest on the storm threat tomorrow?
  7. Got back from PHX last night. It was nearly half the temp when I landed than when I took off. 110 degrees is very hot BUT I've learned that if you are wearing appropriate clothing and guzzling water it isn't too bad to just stand around in. I did some plane spotting from the top of the PHX parking garage (much better vantage point that the SEA garage) for about an hour for two straight days and, yeah I was sweating, but I think I can handle it okay. Air conditioning is very nice. We've chosen all the design features for our house and I got to see our lot. Very exciting stuff!
  8. I've seen one around Edmonds a few times. Pretty cool.
  9. Gosh, I was there in late June, 2013 for a wedding. Was playing golf one day and, despite riding in a cart, I was dripping in sweat by the third tee. And I'm not someone that sweats very easily.
  10. My brother in law is down there now and my in laws will be at some point. They have a second home there right now, so that relocation will be easy. It feels like a good time to start off something new while the kiddo is still a baby.
  11. That was my thought as well, but the chance to own a nice, brand new home in a phenomenal neighborhood was too good to pass on. My hope is that not having any snow is eased by all the snow events that will inevitably fizzle out up here.
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