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  1. I agree, I just get them started that way and finish em on the grill. Even chicken, I’ll finish on the stovetop. It just cuts down on the amount I have to monitor it, while still getting the grill flavors.
  2. Gonna fire up the grill and get these steaks from the Sous Vide to outdoors to finish em off. Anyone else use a Sous Vide a lot during the winter months?
  3. Looks like 45 will be it for today. Meanwhile Yakutsk appears a week away from highs in the -30's.
  4. There was a downpour when I woke up this morning, so I was not expecting the evening to turn out this way.
  5. Fog thick over Lake Washington, but crystal clear out over the Sound.
  6. Nice evening. Tons of people out fishing on the pier here in Edmonds. Thought maybe there were some Orcas out there, but all those people have fishing poles. No social distancing!!
  7. Mountain passes look beautiful this morning. My parents are getting some snow showers in the Treasure Valley this Thanksgiving Eve, as well.
  8. Just had a random gust from out of nowhere that blew that tarp off our patio furniture pile, and now there's nothing. Very strange.
  9. That's the year we got totally skunked up here, isn't it? Seems like forever ago.
  10. Going back to the idea that the Stevens Pass temperature readings are wonky... 35 right now and compact snow and ice. Seeing 32 at Snoqualmie right now.
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