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  1. Weather.com (for whatever it's worth) has a Sunday high of 114 for Portland. The Sunday high for Phoenix is 112.
  2. I know only time will tell, but I have a hard time believing 116 is possible in Seattle.
  3. Shows me barely into the 90's. I can only hope.
  4. I second Wyze cams. My B-I-L and I installed them at my in-laws second home in AZ. Super easy setup and long battery life. They've been fine in the AZ summer heat.
  5. Hey everyone, we're all gonna die, huh? Wish I was leaving for Kona on Friday instead of Monday. Hard to believe it will be 20 degrees warmer here than in Hawaii. Good Lord.
  6. Saw this on twitter so I felt like I should pop back in. Haven't been around here much the last couple months, but this caught my attention! Would be nice to have some real dynamic weather.
  7. Well I haven't been around in a while. Been a little, erm, preoccupied. Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine and warmth lately! I'll be in Arizona for the weekend, and hopeful I don't melt!
  8. Chilly morning! Fortunately the weather in Georgia looks much better. Gonna be so productive today.
  9. Surprised at how chilly it was this morning. Actually had to let the car sit for a few minutes to defrost.
  10. Doesn't get old. Actually got sunburnt on Saturday while golfing with my dad in Boise.
  11. Same. Grilled some burgers last night. It was nice!
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