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  1. About 2 inches in Capitol Hill and an inch Beacon Hill, down by water so far noting but starting to whiten up.
  2. Here in Belltown Seattle myself off 1st and Vine i don't see much accumulation from my apartment but definitely an inch up hill at Queen Anne. Snowing real hard currently.
  3. 36° right now here in Belltown Seattle area which has also been the low. 30° at BFI
  4. What is HRRR and NAM showing for winds tomorrow around the Puget Sound region tonight?
  5. cold and stormy or active to start and calmer in the middle then active end. That's how it's supposedly goes with the colors i see
  6. Not the best beer but needed a cool down from this hot a** apartment that has no AC and plus why not.
  7. Thanks didn't know I'm still learning a lot of abbreviated words and meanings. It took me a while until I looked it up to know what FWIW was
  8. Wonder how likely 2022 will end up as the warmest year ever on record for the Pacific Northwest cause I feel we are headed for that territory.
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