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  1. It’s snowing here at sea level by the glass museum!
  2. Just checked the radar and it does seem like some moisture is working it’s way up the sound. Also looks like some decent signatures off the coast.
  3. Excuse my French but it is pissing rain in down town Tacoma. Of course I prefer snow but a nice cold rainy night can be nearly as cozy, at least it isn’t heatdome-ageddon. Can’t lose sight of the little things.
  4. I’m scheduled to head to LA this coming Tuesday for work. Any chance I catch some hurricane remnants?
  5. I’m just biding my time at this point. Can’t wait for the stormy, dreary upcoming months model riding with y’all. This is just the calm before the real fun starts.
  6. Really interesting stuff! I wonder what influences that bias in the models. 972 is a pretty low low. Lord knows Houston doesn’t need another cane!
  7. Is it at all possible that the SO2 ejected by Hunga Tunga et. Al. This past year or so is having any effect on the current cold regime we are experiencing?
  8. Rip Ray Liotta & Andy Fletcher (Depeche mode band member your you new wave fans out there). What a humid day.
  9. Days like this make me want to move to Minnesota — if only spring snow were a constant, what a fun event.
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