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  1. Looks like it’s still there, just keeps getting pushed back. 2 weeks from now could be interesting.
  2. Cold and snow showing back up around the 9th on the 18z GFS.
  3. Enumclaw this morning. Not sure why it’s upside down lol
  4. My parents’ place in Enumclaw right now. Really coming down now.
  5. Dad is in Maple Valley, says there is 3 inches and still coming down. Raining here on the East Hill in Kent. Makes me wanna drive over!
  6. 06z GFS was nice. Still looking like cold air makes its way in next week and lasting for awhile with snow chances.
  7. GFS and CFS still saying more excitement incoming around the 23rd. I’m just glad there’s more to track coming up
  8. Just rain and sleet now in Kent. Looks like show’s over here Looking forward to what the end of the month has in store for us, I have a feeling we’re not done yet.
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