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  1. Man, what a bummer. Even CFS is back to being a disaster. We just can't catch a fukin break...
  2. Hope GFS still brings the goods in the LR. I don’t want to lose hope.
  3. Yeah, looks like at least we'll be staying cool for awhile. Yay, mountain snow!
  4. CFS has been consistently over it after the warmup by next weekend
  5. GFS showing more cold air coming in next Friday? Hmmm.
  6. Definitely colder for this weekend, I do like that. 12z run scours out the cold air later next week though, like the past few runs have showed. Last night’s run kept the cold air going through even next weekend, which would be nice. Was just hoping that trend continued is all. I’m picky. Model riding, yay!
  7. Was hoping last night’s odd run would’ve been the start of a better trend, but here we go again. These up and down emotions are frustrating, but we’re all pretty much used to it at this point.
  8. Yep lol and then more cold air pours in. Oh what a fun run. Either way, I’m glad the trends from the past GFS runs didn’t continue tonight. Great sign. Come on Euro!
  9. GFS is definitely unfortunate. In December, we didn't have any support from CFS like we do now though, so I'm still optimistic.
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