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  1. I remember that weekend vividly. Summit has shut down their operations, but I and my roommate went up to ski tour there. Beautiful weather and spring skiing were had. Little did we know that was about the last thing we were going to do for the next few months.
  2. Can someone in the know be so kind as to explain why the orientation of this trough is more conducive to a backdoor blast through the Gorge as opposed to from the north? Is it the positioning of the N. Pacific block longitudinally, or how it angles up in Alaska, or something else?
  3. The cold was legit. But that 6" was like 6 days of .5" each that melted in 12 hours and 1" going into the cold. Not exactly a real snowy picture for most of the Sound. Obviously better than .25" and ice, but I don't think anyone is contesting that.
  4. 43/33 near me today. I had a decent amount of frost this morning, but no freeze. This location did pull off a freeze (32) on the second, so not totally skunked this month.
  5. How is that not an A? Although I thought you had more sub-freezing days. Must've been close on both ends?
  6. Noise can be a pollution too. I can't stand them, but I get the tradeoff.
  7. 56/42 so far today. After 53/41 yesterday. SEA was 54/45 yesterday and looks like 56 or 57 /44 today. Torchy.
  8. It's hit! Downpour and slamming against the side of the house. Love it.
  9. I see it on the radar... Just sprinkles further to the east. Breeze picking up. Most exciting weather in weeks!
  10. That was what took out the power here in N. Seattle. And of course across the street still had power. About 11k SCL customers affected. It was brief (8:50-10:20), but I have lost power here in the city multiple times in the past few years. Pretty unusual.
  11. Past three days... Yikes. 53/36 57/46 52 (thus far)/41
  12. And it just spiked to 59 on the inter-hour obs! Jeez making a late run at 60. Classic January behavior.
  13. I'm sure it was a dud for good portions of the PNW. I was referring specifically to Andrew's comment about that being the case for W. Washington. You know the weather sucks when we're rehashing past snows and rating winters. TBH, I do think we should be splitting this analysis in two or three. True regionwide events that had equal or semi-equal impact are far and few between. December 2008 was not exceptional in Eugene and southern OR. 2016-2017 missed the Puget Sound. Feb 2019 was pretty good I guess in geographic coverage, but there were places that didn't get that cold.
  14. I know this has already been belabored, but the only thing I even remember from that winter is the 3-day period that produced the best snowstorm of my life. And there's no way you can count that winter close to a dud, even if it was a turd pretty much before and after. 11" of dry powder that fell with temps between 20-23 followed by another 2-3" of wet snow the following day... It was magical, even if quite short in duration. Meanwhile the torch is ON. 55 after hitting 56 here in N. Seattle. Yesterday it hit 53.
  15. To be fair, it is not just SEA that's hitting 50 today. Pretty much most of central and south king county are torching. Hit 51 nearby my house in north Seattle.
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