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  1. I can't believe your first time to Europe is to derpy Međugorje - I say this as a half-Bosnian & not a comment on religion - I hope you'll have time to visit Mostar, Sarajevo, or the Croatian coast as well. Beautiful country there!
  2. It was 48 at my house in a sheltered pocket of Ravenna and 57 on the Ship Canal bridge this morning! Car thermometer... I know... but
  3. Barring a late break in the clouds and that one inter-hour 70 reading (I bet it was 69, nice), it looks like SEA's 70 streak ends today.
  4. There was (I hope I can say that and be correct) a small fire on the way to Lake Crescent yesterday evening, shortly before 104 meets 101 in Jefferson County. Smoky skies here now, but thankfully it seems to be in the mostly mid- and upper-levels.
  5. It’s unreasonably warm out there. 79 at SEA currently. I have feeling the low tonight is going to be in the upper 60s
  6. *Tacoma did well... nothing yet in NE Seattle other than rain (which is nice on its own).
  7. 90 burger at KSEA! Not only that but actually hit 91. Day 10, which will surely grow based on how the extended is looking...
  8. Okay, fine. I forgot I made an account in Dec 2021 during the snow, but have been otherwise been lurking since then. Pretty sure I was tipsy when I registered because I regret having this very generic username. As for weather forum drama - nothing will top the Fox 12 Portland FB group (now Portland Weather Uncensored) in terms of harassment, bickery, and unpleasantness. Anyway, I've been following the weather here and there (generally the cold season) for years and am excited for the potential for tstorms in the coming days!
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