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  1. Severe Thunderstorm Warning here now. Wow this escalated quickly. Absolutely pouring buckets. My gutters are overflowing.
  2. The season’s first tornado warning just west of Fairbault, MN.
  3. It’s only 43F here with vivid lightning. Tornado watch issued for south metro. Severe t-storms into tonight changing to snow. Spring was fun while it lasted.
  4. Same here. Monster band about to roll in. Enjoy it over there! Sunday Funday!
  5. About 3.5" here. Might hit 4" before it's done. Reports of 6" NNW of the Cities. This was an overachiever! We'll take it. Now, let the wind and PV begin.
  6. Just went outside to take the trash out. Already 1.5" down. There must have been some serious rates for a bit between 3-6am. I haven't gone back and looked at the radar history, but Tom mentioned the convective look up this way. Thinking we hit at least 3". Good luck to everyone downstream later today.
  7. Ripping pretty good out there. Radar has filled in nicely. I woke up around 3am and looked at the radar and wasn’t impressed. The point is now up to 2-4” this morning.
  8. We had a bit of melting yesterday. I think I’m around 7-8” in mby. But we’ve had snow otg since Dec 23. Pretty impressive considering how warm it’s been so far this winter.
  9. Kinda liking the latest RAP and HRRR runs. Going to be a quick hitter up this way, but it might pound for a bit. Models showing a nice band over/near the metro. Just give me 1-2" of fresh powder.
  10. MPX wrote a novel that basically says, "yeah, we don't know what's going to happen." That's not a knock on them at all. Grab your popcorn and some firewood and watch the show unfold. They did toss out the B word, but we'll see.
  11. 18z NAM ups the game with a foot for MBY. God bless that piece of junk. 3km also jumps way NW from the 12z run. We need fresh snow to reach the full potential of the polar vortex.
  12. Riding a razor edge here. Nasty cutoff on the NW side. When in doubt, cold dry air will win out. I’m going with 1” here. When the NAM is your only real friend, that’s bad.
  13. 12z Ukie has a low of -47F just to the NW of Des Moines on Monday morning. Strangely that temp is almost identical in Celsius! Rare air!
  14. This pic popped up in my FB feed this morning. 10 years ago today when I was living just outside of Chicago. GHD I was something I’ll never forget. We got about 19” in Naperville. Best storm ever!
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