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  1. Currently 32F and light to moderate snow at times. Another 0.5" possible today before more on Sunday. We have a very good shot at beating the all-time snowiest October on record of 8.2". MSP officially at 8.1" for October right now. 5" OTG.
  2. Crazy sky. Snowing like mad now here on the Minneapolis/Roseville line. I heard the thunder but didn't see the flash. Good stuff.
  3. 34F and pingers with light snow mixed in currently. Dark as night out there.
  4. It's been a pretty good start so far! Good luck getting the yardwork completed. That's something I was unable to do. I fear what my lawn is going to look like in the Spring if I can get the remaining leaves up.
  5. Convective sleet quite possible today here in the TC metro. All of this rain I've been hearing about over the last few days is going to stay mostly mixed precip now, which is good. I don't want the rain with the snowpack still around. Still 7" officially otg at MSP as of the 2am report.
  6. I bet you’re right. We’re going to lose quite a bit more before the day is over. I just got home and I’m down to around 4”....from 6.75”. I’d be more than excited with an early ‘ice in’, assuming the ice forms nicely. I’m setting up the hockey rink on the lake again this year. Bad ice is no bueno.
  7. Difficult to get any snowmelt when it's 35F, cloudy, and dew point of 24F. Wet slop doesn't melt fast to begin with. I bet we only lost 1" today, and that was mostly due to compaction. 36F with rain/snow/thunder in the grid for tomorrow. I had no intentions of shoveling the driveway after yesterday's storm, but I'm going to have to.
  8. The MPX forecaster this morning seems a bit tired of the pattern already, with another system tomorrow (mainly rain for the metro and then another possible decent snow on Sunday). The upper level cut off low that is largely responsible for sending repeated waves of mid-level energy into our area does look primed to reposition farther north once we get into the middle of next week, which hopefully signals an end to this active pattern and returns us to more fall-like conditions rather than winter. I`m sure I`m not the only one that would like to see the Climate Prediction Center`s 3-4 wee
  9. The models overall did a pretty amazing job with this storm. We can only hope this starts a trend of good modeling for the rest of the season. The only ones that didn't do well were the rapid refresh models up until the storm was underway. The RAP and HRRR were showing 2-4" totals here even as the snow starting falling.
  10. Thanks Jaster! Not planned at all. Life is full of coincidences. Ended with 6.75” here. I’m hoping a bit of the snow melts today if we’re going to get a bunch of rain tomorrow. The snow is like cement and will likely block the drains and sewers. Don’t need hydro issues in October.
  11. It’s an utter disaster out there. Absolutely awesome!
  12. Nice pic, James! I'm about 5 miles from there. It's still pounding. If you woke up and didn't know what day it was, you'd never believe it was Oct 20. My wife just texted that our entire neighborhood is without power. Power lines and broken tree limbs all over the place. Gonna be an interesting evening.
  13. Pure rip city. Just eyeballing it from the office window, but I'd say 2-3" down already. We're gonna blow past the record for this date for sure.....probably going to double the record. Record snowfall for any date in October is just over 8" during the 1991 Halloween Blizzard. That one is probably safe.
  14. Just took a quick drive on my lunchbreak. Roads are mainly wet, but they are starting to become covered in spots. Bridges and overpasses are slick. Temp now below freezing, so it might not improve much. I would hope the interstate would be ok though.
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