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  1. Fired up the lawnmower yesterday to close out November. Mulched some remaining leaves that I didn’t get to after the first snow in mid-Oct. Currently a balmy 12F to start December, and ice formation is in full effect on the lakes.
  2. Had plans to bag up the remaining leaves that I didn’t get to before the previous snows. But this is the scene this morning. So.....no leaf bagging today apparently. Happy Sunday all!
  3. Had a bit of ice along the shoreline this morning. Had to break some of it up to pull the dock out of the water. Go figure that this is a fast start to winter and it’s the latest I’ve waited to get out of the lake.
  4. 2" down and still going. 27F so it's a much fluffier snow than Tuesday. Might put on the snowshoes after work. I've never snowshoed in Nov before.
  5. The line has made its way to the heart of the metro. Small flakes but it is snowing pretty good. Viz down to 0.25 mi currently.
  6. I believe this will be the 5th accumulating snow so far. Officially 14.8" YTD at MSP, which is 12" above normal. Fast start for sure! I'll take snow whenever I can get it.
  7. Currently 28F and overcast. Another 1" of snow expected this afternoon. Some of the slush that melted yesterday refroze overnight. It's a skating rink out there this morning.
  8. Ended with 5" from this storm. Currently 21F with a wind chill of 12. 36 and sun today might melt some of the snow, but I think it will be around for a few days. It's wet, dense cement.
  9. Pure rippage out there. I’d say about 4-5” down. Might pick up another inch by the time it ends. Quick hitter, but man is it hitting hard. Good stuff.
  10. MPX going 1-2" per hour rates this evening after a rapid transition from freezing rain to snow. Niiiice!
  11. Moderate freezing rain now. Up to 0.25" of ice expected, then 3-5" of snow tonight. Temp 30F. Bright radar returns moving in. Gonna get messy just before the evening rush.
  12. Snow has started flying here. Although it sounds like this might turn into a bit more of an ice issue than previously thought.
  13. Upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning. Still looking like 4-7” with snow starting by early afternoon and heavy snow starting by the evening commute.
  14. Just pulled into the garage from the road trip to Omaha and KC, and a Winter Storm Watch gets posted for the TC metro. 4-7” possible. This after getting a nice late season sunburn in NE.
  15. Headed down to Omaha on Thursday and then KC. Gonna enjoy some upper 60s and low 70s for a few days before reality strikes again. Road trippin’ with the wife for a few days to get out of the house. Weather looks perfect for the drive.
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