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  1. Finally got into some decent rain showers and even had a little bit of thunder, during the evening and overnight here. Went from only 0.05" in the rain gauge yesterday afternoon, to over 1" at 9am this morning - with probably another 0.25 to 0.50" to come. This didn't turn out too bad after all, even after missing out on the storms the other night.
  2. We haven't seen much rain at all with this storm system at this point, which is pretty disappointing so far to say the least. We have had a few brief showers (two with a couple claps of thunder) pass by over the last 36 hours, however not much else than that... so far only 0.05 of rain in my rain gauge storm total.
  3. Looks like we might have a few thundershowers knocking on our door in a little bit here in Omaha... (maybe mother nature can grant me some much-needed thunder and lightning for my birthday today)
  4. Last year it seemed like we couldn’t buy a significant rainfall event around here, now this will be our second decent one in a months time... if this pattern keeps up we might go from moderate to severe drought to widespread flooding again.
  5. Tom, it looks like you crossed over the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities... it is unmistakable from the air with the more densely populated areas surrounding the river. I can make out the bridges crossing the river between Davenport\Rock Island and Bettendorf\Moline fairly well in the pictures. I used to travel to the Quad Cities area for work on a regular basis so I am familiar with the area.
  6. Three consecutive hours of heavy snow reported with 1/4 mile or less visibility at Eppley, so I believe it!
  7. Woke up to a wall of big, fat flakes falling from the sky in Omaha... looks like about 3” down so far in my backyard with another inch or two to come. After melting some of our snowpack yesterday, we are adding back to it right now.
  8. Same here, neighborhoods east and north of us were part of the rolling blackouts this morning, however we haven't had any issues so far in our neighborhood (knock on wood). Hopefully the worst of this is behind us now... I am officially ready for Spring now!
  9. Wow, with deep snow cover, clear skies, and light winds the temperature is absolutely tumbling out there... wonder if Omaha will have a shot at the all-time record low temperature of -32? We might end up closer than expected at this rate. I noticed the First National Tower downtown went dark tonight to help with the power conservation effort... what a historic arctic outbreak that will be remembered for a long time around a large part of the country.
  10. We are sitting at more than DOUBLE the average snow at the current time for the year and if we didn't see any more snow the rest of the year (which isn't going to happen obviously), we would still end up with an 7 inch surplus for the season... I have to say that we have absolutely nothing to complain about snow-wise around here this year. Back on topic, our light snow for today is a bit ahead of schedule - a couple local mets were calling for the accumulating snow to hold off until later this afternoon, however the fluffy flakes are starting to stack up a bit.
  11. A nice fluffy 1/2" of snow has been dropped so far by the aforementioned weenie band that is moving through the Omaha metro, we might be able to scrape out an inch or so if this band can keep up a bit longer.
  12. Only picked up 1.5" of snow from this morning's snowfall - so ended up lower than originally forecast... maybe we can tack on a bit more this afternoon but not too sure about that happening. Current snow depth in my backyard is around 8”. Even though the heaviest snow the last two days has been to our west and south, I am not going to complain one bit. Some of the snow piles along my driveway are as tall as I have seen them in the last 13 years of living in this house.
  13. Yeah I am thinking we will pick up another 2” or so from this system in Omaha, so we will probably end up on the lower end of the forecast.
  14. Measured 3” here in my backyard from this system, the original forecast of 2-4” was spot on (at least where I am at). Just cleared the driveway and sidewalks and waiting on Round 2 later tonight and tomorrow. Keep building that glacier!!!
  15. Nice refresher snow currently in Omaha, maybe about an inch of fluffy snow in my backyard so far this morning and it’s coming down at fairly heavy rate. Radar looks good for a couple more hours of moderate to heavy snow.
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