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  1. After all the crazy storms last week we got a much needed reprieve this holiday weekend. Made it out to our camping spot for the weekend and it couldn’t have been much better weather-wise during the daytime hours. We even got our fishing boat out yesterday for the first time in two years as our lakes are WAY up after being extremely low last year. We did get hit with some strong storms and brief gusty winds late on Saturday night, however it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle out there.
  2. Thankfully no significant damage from the severe and tornado warned line of storms last night. We probably had 65-70 mph wind gusts, which caused a lot of downed tree limbs and lawn furniture to be blown around. Our next door neighbor's tree got hit by a CG lightning strike around 3:15am - an hour after the main line passed through. It was another fun night of storm watching and we picked up another 0.65” of rain too... nearing 10" for the month now. EDIT - Went back and found doorbell cam footage of the bolt that hit/ or nearly hit my neighbor's house. Lighting Bolt_Trim.mp4
  3. Early morning/ late night wake up call here as a tornado warned storm is moving into the south side of the Omaha metro. Fingers crossed we can avoid significant damage here. This line looks like it means business.
  4. This setup looks to be a decent setup for one, it will be interesting to see how the line develops over the next few hours in Central Nebraska. Really concerned that the Omaha and Lincoln metros will be on the south end of this line, which could greatly increase the threat of overnight spin-ups. This severe season has already been plenty eventful around here, not going to take this threat lightly tonight.
  5. This is amazing… going from the driest May on record in 2023 to potentially one of the Top 3 wettest months of May ever this year. Good riddance to the drought.
  6. Just topped 3” of rain here with the last line of severe warned storms… so much water coming down through the Omaha metro… lots of closed roads, etc.
  7. Over 2.5” inches of rain here so far… this has been one of the most active overnights of weather in recent memory in Eastern Nebraska. We had multiple rounds of heavy rain and severe warned storms between 10pm and midnight, and an even stronger round early this morning with severe winds and hail with the main line. Western and northern parts of the Omaha metro are nearing 6” of rain… this is crazy.
  8. Flood Watch up for the potential for heavy rain and training storms later tonight and early tomorrow here in East Central Nebraska… It looks like we are going to add to our already above normal rainfall totals for May. Also a decent chance for some more severe weather too, bring it on!
  9. We are quickly turning things around here in Eastern Nebraska in the rainfall department. Picked up another inch of rain with this afternoon’s storms… now over 4 inches of rain for the month of May so far. The drought is definitely on track to be completely busted here over the next few weeks. This was exactly the type of pattern change we needed around here! It is wild to think nearly one month ago we were dealing with wildfires and blowing dust.
  10. Looks like another decent severe weather outbreak for Eastern Nebraska/ Western Iowa… which isn’t good for those areas that are in cleanup mode.
  11. Barely over 2” for the month here… however this past weekend’s rains really helped save us from a very dry April overall. You are right, it seems like once the first round of convection hits our area - everything after seems to end up to the south and east. Models showed a widespread 3+ inches of rain this time last week for Eastern Nebraska however that pesky drier punch from the southwest (from Central Kansas) reared its ugly head again.
  12. Definitely a historic and unforgettable storm system for Eastern Nebraska… thankfully my neighborhood came away relatively unscathed from Friday’s severe weather outbreak. We did receive very beneficial rainfall of 1.30” as well… easily the most rainfall in my backyard from a storm system in over a year (if not longer than that).
  13. Looks like this system might bust your local drought once and for all… it’s nice to see the stubborn patterns of the last 2-3 years starting to breakdown a bit.
  14. Getting a nice steady generous rain here after some thunderstorms rolled through earlier this afternoon… finally passed the 1 inch mark for storm total rainfall earlier. Looks like the heavy swath of convection to the south (in KS/ MO) might eat away at our heavy rain/ thunderstorm potential for tonight… however I am really enjoying this soaking rainfall right now without the destruction from yesterday’s storms.
  15. A tornado just touched down at Omaha Eppley Airfield and caused major damage… this is just insane.
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