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  1. Round 2 is barreling through the Omaha metro with more strong wind gusts and very heavy rain… hampering clean up efforts from last night’s storms. Two Severe Thunderstorm Warnings within 15 hours from two separate storm complexes definitely seems a little odd considering how quiet this severe season has been so far.
  2. Security camera footage of our portable basketball hoop (which I should have taken down before the storm hit) getting blown into the house during the storm last night… thankfully it missed hitting my truck as it fell. Front gutter will need to be replaced but it could have been worse. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. Lots of damage in Southwest Omaha, our basketball hoop was completely knocked over by the winds and blown into the gutters above my garage… sucks because we just had new gutters installed in June, ugh. Over 100K without power in the metro area! Crazy, intense line of storms that took aim at us tonight here.
  4. Wow, didn’t see this coming… I threw in the towel too early perhaps.
  5. Absolutely love how the enhanced areas split the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas... the continuing theme of very little to no severe weather in the local area during 2021 continues.
  6. So happy to say that the last two days I have dumped out about 1.40 inches of rain from the rain gauge in my backyard (nice to be on the winning side of things for once, LOL). We are finally getting some moisture to break up the hot/dry pattern, and late Wednesday night/Thursday morning delivered the best storms of the season here so far. Last night I decided to treat some out-of-town co-workers to their first College World Series game, and we ended up sitting through a 3 hour and 45 minute rain delay - as rain and thunderstorms tracked through the metro area. Took a picture of a gorgeous rainbow from Baseball Village in Downtown Omaha last night during the rain delay, as the sunset illuminated the back of the thunderstorm complex in Western Iowa.
  7. Picked up 0.60 overnight and this morning in my backyard in Southwest Omaha, NE. I was hoping for a bit more but we will have to take what we can get right now. Any moisture is helpful to try to make up some of the deficits that have developed over the past couple of months.
  8. Picked up 1.25" of rain last night from the rain with embedded thunder in my backyard. I was expecting a loud night with strong/severe thunderstorms, obviously that didn't happen as this has been the trend all spring so far. The heavy rain was very welcome though!
  9. Finally got into some decent rain showers and even had a little bit of thunder, during the evening and overnight here. Went from only 0.05" in the rain gauge yesterday afternoon, to over 1" at 9am this morning - with probably another 0.25 to 0.50" to come. This didn't turn out too bad after all, even after missing out on the storms the other night.
  10. We haven't seen much rain at all with this storm system at this point, which is pretty disappointing so far to say the least. We have had a few brief showers (two with a couple claps of thunder) pass by over the last 36 hours, however not much else than that... so far only 0.05 of rain in my rain gauge storm total.
  11. Looks like we might have a few thundershowers knocking on our door in a little bit here in Omaha... (maybe mother nature can grant me some much-needed thunder and lightning for my birthday today)
  12. Last year it seemed like we couldn’t buy a significant rainfall event around here, now this will be our second decent one in a months time... if this pattern keeps up we might go from moderate to severe drought to widespread flooding again.
  13. Tom, it looks like you crossed over the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities... it is unmistakable from the air with the more densely populated areas surrounding the river. I can make out the bridges crossing the river between Davenport\Rock Island and Bettendorf\Moline fairly well in the pictures. I used to travel to the Quad Cities area for work on a regular basis so I am familiar with the area.
  14. Three consecutive hours of heavy snow reported with 1/4 mile or less visibility at Eppley, so I believe it!
  15. Woke up to a wall of big, fat flakes falling from the sky in Omaha... looks like about 3” down so far in my backyard with another inch or two to come. After melting some of our snowpack yesterday, we are adding back to it right now.
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