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  1. Yeah this turned out to be another in a long line of duds this year... I was hoping that we would see some appreciable rainfall from this system, however we likely won't even reach a half inch for the storm total. Things were looking up when we got the unexpected burst of snow yesterday morning, but after that everything unraveled once again. Looks like all the rain or possible rain/snow mix is going to miss us well to the south tonight... oh well, no big loss as we usually don't get decent storms around here in November anyway.
  2. Snowing moderately in Omaha right now, it’s even coming down hard enough to stick on the grass and on elevated surfaces. Nice little surprise even though it won’t last long.
  3. I was able to make my work trip out to Kearney, NE this morning... lots of ice just west of Lincoln. Stopped in York to check in with a client, and was amazed at how much ice they accumulated out there overnight and this morning. The pictures turned out nicely as the sun came out as I was leaving town to jump back on I-80, which really wasn’t bad at all this morning.
  4. Subtropical Storm Theta has formed in the Central Atlantic, to become the 29th named storm of 2020, which breaks the all-time record for number of named storms in a season... 2020 in a nutshell, wow!
  5. I am driving out to Kearney from Omaha tomorrow mid/late morning for work, the drive out west might be more interesting than I previously expected... however it doesn't sound like it should be too terrible but I am starting to wonder. Enjoying the sounds of a few of the brief downpours outside, hoping we can get in on some thunder later on this evening and tonight.
  6. Officially 1.6” of snow reported at Eppley Airfield, with heavier totals of 2 to 3 inches of snow common across western sections of the metro (where I live). Also, the record low for Omaha of 20 degrees was set this morning, so this one will go in the record books... with a good chance of setting another record low tomorrow morning.
  7. Omaha tied the record low for October 26th at 21 degrees this morning, we might have a chance to break the record if the temperature slips any more this morning or later tonight. Ended up with 2.5" of snow from this system in my backyard, which was at the upper end of what was forecasted - the moderate to heavy snow band produced nicely early this morning. That's a win in my book... a very nice start to the Fall/Winter snow season after a dry, hot, and boring Summer weather-wise around here.
  8. Enjoy the snow, beautiful scene outside seeing everything covered with 2 to 4 inches of snow here and on October 26th!
  9. It’s ripping down good currently in Omaha as we are getting into some moderate to heavy banding right now. It looks like a snow globe outside and it’s amazing. Glad I woke up at 2am to check on how the storm was progressing. Eyeballing it, would say we have about 1 1/2 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. Not bad and we should end up around what was forecasted (2-3” total).
  10. It's snowing lightly here in Southwest Omaha... nothing is sticking but it looks amazing watching the flakes fall in the glow of the street lights.
  11. Saw there was a 76 MPH wind gust in Lincoln. The line has hit us pretty good here with strong winds and brief heavy rains, enough to warrant a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Only have picked up about .30 of rain so far though with a little bit more to go. However this was expected to be a quick hitter and we will take any moisture we can get. This has been an interesting and much needed Fall severe storm event for us around here to watch. Mother Nature finally delivered us a nice storm.
  12. This is the best the radar has looked around here for a couple of months it seems like. A nice line of strong storms from South Central Nebraska up towards Minnesota. Only one severe warned cell currently west of York along Interstate 80, however it looks like we should get a decent shot of rain and thunder in the next couple of hours in Omaha. You can do it Mother Nature!
  13. Feels like late spring outside right now, with temps soaring into the mid and upper 70's with dewpoints in the 60's. High temps look to get back in the mid and upper 80's before the cold front surges in this evening. Looks like our best chance for severe weather here in Eastern Nebraska since August, as we are in a slight risk. Kind of fitting that one of our most decent chances of severe weather in all of 2020 comes in mid-October... this year has proven that it can be hard to break weather patterns though, so I really wouldn't be surprised if we get missed again somehow. On a po
  14. Amazing how quickly the moderate and severe drought areas have expanded across the state throughout this summer and fall. Here's a crazy number on the depth of this drought... normal annual rainfall for Omaha through October 8th is 26.41 inches... our current 2020 rainfall so far is 13.70 - nearly a 13 inch deficit. Hopefully the pattern will change in the next month or so, and deliver us some moisture over the Winter months - I really don't even care at this point if it's rain or snow, just hoping we see some decent moisture across the state to keep this drought from getting worse.
  15. I got confirmation last night that I did test positive for COVID-19 (from my test last Friday). I feel like I might be on the mend from this thing though, as I have felt much better the last 24 hours and my sense of taste is starting to come back. My sense of smell is still not there yet, however the constant headaches and sore throat are relaxing a bit, and I have a dry cough that is similar to the ones I get with a cold - nothing worse than that. I can't wait to get out of the house though, I am usually always on the go so it has been a rough last couple of weeks being stuck at home. T
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