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  1. Still thinking about that torrential rain the other night. How great of a segway between summer and fall.
  2. The totals with that were highest right in the center of the metro. I got just under 6" with that so a little less than half. Sandy barely scraped by with 2" so it continued dropping the further east you went as well.
  3. Some pockets of low fog around this evening.
  4. Picked up 1.03" with the initial storm last night, incredibly large raindrops. Has been raining off and on ever since including right now. Up to 1.29" since the start.
  5. Looks like some activity about to build in from the south. Glad the air was nice enough to go for a run today before this rain moves in. Lots of people out there.
  6. Smoke was thinning out pretty nicely before sunset. Still smelled like a campfire outside though. No storms in the vicinity yet.
  7. When he mentions the smoke streaming north from California and Oregon he sounds like he's from Washington.
  8. I don't think that's what it is because surface level visibility is what I've noticed changing, unless the added moisture in the air is making smoke particles more visible.
  9. Visibility has dropped significantly the past 30 minutes or so. Around 9 you could actually see the sunlight and shadows behind objects. Excited for this to wash away later today.
  10. Air is quite a bit worse here than yesterday as well. Running -7 compared to 24 hours ago. Not going to be running.
  11. This would be refreshing for the region. Rain through Friday.
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