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  1. Another late winter that turned things around. 1-2" night of the 4th that stuck around without even melting off the trees for 5 days. Followed by about an inch the morning of March 7 and 1-2" on the 9th. Morning of February 5th.
  2. With the UFO videos released by the navy earlier this year and monoliths popping up in the desert sw, maybe we can make a deal with them.
  3. Deal me in for another epic February, would really like to go through another February 2018. Several snows working their way up to an 8" total the 21st. Started with a dusting the 14th, 4-5" paste the night of the 18th then it snowed again the evening of the 20th and brought us up to 8". This was the morning of the 21st.
  4. Even when we get snow with those they end up pretty dry, though. December 2008 was
  5. Lots of much needed precip for Oregon being shown at least. Many areas down south and east are still in extreme drought. The only areas that have experienced any improvement are up north and west at the coast, in the coast range and northern cascades. I've been watching that area just to my east where the drought has been eliminated slowly get closer the past couple months.
  6. The high pressure must've pushed the cold arctic air into the middle latitudes.
  7. Even some frost in the grass and ice on the driveway here from the low dewpoint.
  8. Back in Boring. It's currently 43 with overcast and we're 0.01" away from Novembers rainfall total of 9.21". Lots of dense fog in spots of the coast range and valley on the way back this morning.
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