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  1. I see the first mention of frost in the grids for late next week. I'll take the cooldown, just wish there was some precip with it.
  2. It would be nice to get another rainer to break up the monotony. The grass and lawns actually greened back up quite a bit here from the cold rain event a couple weeks ago. I guess it's becoming more moot though since we're approaching dead (well dormant I guess) grass season.
  3. Never forget Jan 2019 with a high of 2 and just a crusty patchy dusting on the ground. Awesome winter overall, but that cold snap came right after a thaw lol.
  4. Yeah not saying this isn’t a typical late September warm spell, but GFS would have like 106 on days that actually hit like 93.
  5. Yeah I think the last time I took his forecasts seriously I was like 13.
  6. Big question now is if we get the annual late Sept heat wave. GFS looks steamy in the long range but I don't think it has much support. CPC 6-10/8-14 maps don't have any strong signals. Hopefully fall-ish weather is here to stay.
  7. Likely took the biggest L in Lincoln with only 1.50" for the week, but better than nothing. Omaha is in a much more severe drought though.
  8. Only 0.50" here since last night. Hopefully better luck tomorrow. I just can't get over how cold it feels! 40s and wet in March usually feels balmy. I still welcome this as relief from the hot summer though.
  9. It seems like the rainfall chances today are dwindling. Only about 0.25" here so far and radar doesn't look like you'd expect for a widespread rain event. It looks like the more solid chance will be tomorrow....until that gets pushed to Thursday.
  10. NAM looks good for many. Big area of 2-3" for much of Neb and Iowa.
  11. Was conflicted about the upgrade at first, but love emoji reactions to posts!
  12. Yeah jaster I'm also happy to see you back! I thought you ghosted us for good. You were like 90% of my liked posts
  13. Excited for the (maybe) rain, more impressive is the cold. Record low max for Sept 8 in Lincoln is 64. OAX is forecasting 56. The GFS is colder and also earlier with the front, 51 at midnight and a wet 43-44 in the afternoon hours. It's going to go from feeling like July to November in 2 days.
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