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  1. 12z EPS. Figure i'd post these. Will next week be interesting? lol i already miss all the pepto.
  2. Same. 30 here and a live look! 20210213_124521.mp4
  3. Same here. Under this right now and it's finally snowing decent. Wish it was like this last night
  4. Just went out and measured my back yard and I have 3 inches. Combination of east wind and elevation has kept the snow pretty much light all night Please tell me there's heavy precip soon! I'm hoping sometime this morning
  5. With a sh!t ton behind it I wouldn't worry about it
  6. Lol for sure. Get some rest then so you can enjoy the day tomorrow.
  7. Thought we were doing an all nighter? I have to be to work in 6 hours and I'm not sleeping lol. It'll probably be cancelled anyway
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