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  1. Need some more weather excitement around here. Here's the 18z GFS vs 12z Euro in terms on wind. Hoping the Euro trends stronger.
  2. So saw this earlier from Michael Snyder Notice the low approaching the coast? Can't tell how deep it is, but here's a forecast loop of Wind Gusts from the 12z Euro
  3. I'm bored and about to go to work. Here's a forecast loop of total Precip 00z Euro
  4. I think just last year or two years ago. It's only $7 a month but it's like a downgraded version of weather models and weatherbell The nice thing about it is the local view which is what I usually use it for. I'm still going to get a weatherbell subscription this year
  5. It's model riding season so what does that mean? Pivotal weather plus! 00z Euro total precip through the weekend
  6. I'll go with higher amounts and stick with the EURO. NBM is just an average between major models right? GFS - Sucks NAM - Sucks ICON - Sucks GEM - Sucks UKMET - Alright EURO - The GOAT and only getting better Sure the other models can be right, but how often? The Majority of the time we just discard them. There great for eye candy, but not accuracy.
  7. Imagine how much this would cripple the region if this fell in the teens and twenties...
  8. Wasn't that the Monday that got like 5 inches? The December/Early January that followed was pretty epic
  9. That's wild nearly 3 inches for most of the south sound. Bow down to the King
  10. Aww I'm loved! Can't wait until the weather gets consistently active and we can flood this place with maps and forecasts!
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