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  1. Both of the new northern CA fires have exploded in size overnight. The Glass Fire in Sonoma and Napa is now at 37k acres and the Zogg Fire SW of Redding is at 40k. Both of those fires are at 0% containment. August Complex is at 938k acres spanning seven counties and 43% containment.
  2. Agreed. I like the wide variety of new ratings.
  3. LaCamas and Kalispell were serial downvoters. Kalispell has been around since 2014, while LaCamas was created about a week ago. Suspecting that it's someone's alt.
  4. Some... eye popping readings out of the southern OR and northern CA coasts today: North Bend, OR 94ºF Crescent City 95ºF Eureka 87ºF (all time record tied) Hot weather anywhere in that coastal region aside from Brookings is like witnessing an eclipse.
  5. New fire in Sonoma and Napa counties has burned 11k acres and destroyed a winery. Another new fire started SW of Redding yesterday and is already up to 15k acres.
  6. EPS says it's never gonna rain again. Conflicting reports!
  7. We've had plenty of sunny summer weather in the second half of June, all of July except the first 8 or so days, all of August, and September up until the smokestorm. Pretty sure the warmest 30 day stretch of the year averaged something like 86º for highs in Portland as well. From about July 10 - September 10 was pretty much an almost unbroken two month stretch of ideal summer weather IMO.
  8. Red Flag warning in effect between southern Oregon and the Bay Area. Fire season could continue for a long time in that region.
  9. Downvote brigade out in full force this morning.
  10. Good to know. I’m fine with guns. I’d love to try hunting sometime (parents aren’t keen on it) and I’m pro-2A as well.
  11. McMinnville, a close microclimactic analog to HIO is at 19.79" YTD. They were wetter in January, April, and May. This spring had a lot of NW flow and the east valley and foothills did much better than the west valley. May also had a south/north gradient tacked on to the east/west gradient. HIO had 1.86" for May, while MMV had 2.45" and PDX had 2.21". Southern Oregon had an unusually wet May - to find a drier station than HIO on the westside you had to go all the way down to Red Bluff. I don't know if a 3" difference is enough for HIO to be suspect. Obviously two days ago was BS,
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