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  1. Those are called facts. Do some research. People who have died in traffic accidents 2 weeks later labeled as Covid.
  2. Were people being petty and arguing? I missed that part. Not surprised, but yeah. C'mon people! 12z GFS in 14 minutes 12z ECMWF in 2 hours 31 minutes
  3. Down-vote it all you want. Facts are facts. You probably believed Kate Brown when she said, "1 in 4 Oregonians could die from this virus" months ago. Fear mongering nonsense to panic people intentionally. Wake up.
  4. I stand corrected! 00z ECMWF Day 7-10 Retrogression! C'MON!!!!
  5. I've read 83 pages of analysis, discussions, conjecture, condescending remarks, sarcasm, premature ejaculating over premature retrogression, viewed a bunch of maps, pics, charts, saw that VancouverIslandSouth moved to Spokane, and other input, but can anyone answer if it's going to snow this Winter? C'MON!!!! 00z GFS (December 1st) in 1,696 hours 11 minutes Think Cold and SNOW!
  6. Covid is the biggest hoax and scam we've ever seen in the history of this world. The virus is real, but it's no different than any common cold, flu, or other respiratory viruses in that if you have underlying conditions, you could be hospitalized and in extreme cases lead to death. Our health care system was never overwhelmed and hospitals were not over capacity. It has all been a lie. I want to say any loss of life is terrible. Whether it's from cancer, a car accident, natural causes, or anything else. Every day when they post the daily Covid cases or deaths they all have underlying condition
  7. Boom! Thursday evening into Friday AM looks like fun!
  8. Think Cold and SNOW! C'MON!!!!
  9. 00z GFS, 00z ECMWF Day 6-8 Both models are in strikingly good agreement developing a 170kt jet by Day 46 which fuels a deep 961-965mb low carving out a very deep trough offshore. Fall is nearing!
  10. 00z GFS 6hr Rainfall Totals Valid: Thursday 5-11 PM IF this transpires you'd have to believe a higher power is in the works. 00z GFS 6hr Precip 5-11 PM Thursday. Significant activity probably T-Storms dumping 1-2"+ of rain over Clackamas County, 1"+ over Marion, Linn, Lane Counties directly over the fire areas! The bulk of the rainfall remains west of the Cascade crest. If that does occur fire crews and county officials may have to contend with possible mudslides or debris flows, but if it helps extinguish fires I think they will take it. This run shows a disturbance moving u
  11. Fall begins in 46 days. We're only 3 months away from where we start foaming at the mouth at models looking up north for arctic air surging down into Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta! I hope y'all are enjoying this Summer thus far. Think Cold and SNOW!!!! C'MON!
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