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  1. Long time lurker. If we get a big blast, you can thank me. Heading for Hawaii on Tuesday. I hope we get a blast, but I do hope there is no Kona low!
  2. This entire event has sucked for Olympia. Got maybe an inch of snow Monday and it rapidly switched to rain here today already. Usually, we do ok in these things. Not this one....
  3. Still snowing in Olympia. Switched to rain for about 10 minutes, now back to snow. Hanging on much longer than anticipated. 19" at my home at 200 ft. At least 15" DT at sea level.
  4. Massive flakes still coming down in DT Olympia...basically at sea level 1/4 mile from the water.
  5. Been dumping all day in Olympia. I have to think it will switch over fairly soon.
  6. Is there a good site that gives the forecasted outflow through Fraser? And/or that shows the strength of the arctic high pressure? I saw someone mention 1061 mb, but I can't find a good map for it.
  7. I don't post much at all. Mostly read and learn. But my 2 cents would be I'd prefer a tad less snow (3-6 is still decent), but with colder air; rather than 12 inches of sloppy, wet snow. I love when the snow is powdery and it drifts and stays for a while without all of the ice underneath.
  8. I'm not good at reading models, so maybe I'm misreading something, but the EPS control run on Weatherbell looks like Barney the Dinosaur invaded the PNW. No one has mentioned this.
  9. Been snowing at a decent clip in Olympia for a few hours now. Weird how there's not much to show for it, considering it's still below freezing. It was sticking to all surfaces when it started, but now all pavement is just wet.
  10. Maybe a dumb question, but why won't phase 7 of the mjo be cold for us? Especially with the strength of it.
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