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  1. A 980 mb storm missing to the south. Not too often you see this happen but it's a new climate we are living in. Just the way this winter has gone. Now we will head into Spring with cold and chilly rain all the way into April...can't wait.
  2. Way too far south with the snow/sleet especially Illinois.
  3. Where the Baroclinic Zone sets up will be a key player with this storm. Ice is definitely going to be a major problem for someone. At least something to track before March comes roaring in.
  4. 18Z NAM bumped up totals again. I think my 2" might just be too low...who would have thought. Tom you are starting to reel this one in. 6" might not be that far out of reach.
  5. You look to be in the jackpot zone on this one. It's about time warning snows have arrived.
  6. Agree and once March hits its 12" minimum otherwise not worth tracking.
  7. Couple inches by us looks achievable with slightly more towards the border. Nothing to write home about or really get excited about for at least Chitown folks.
  8. "Thread the Needle" type setup for No IL. Guessing maybe a couple inches for Chicagoland area and the counties closer to the cheeseland border might cash in on a couple more. The system next week is going to be very interesting for many on this sub forum. Good luck to you all to the west and north of Chitown.
  9. Let's just get this winter over with and bring on Spring. Hopefully this year we will have a Spring as last several years have sucked around these parts.
  10. It's been doing very well lately which is not the norm. I guess it's the model to follow now until proven otherwise.
  11. Came down nicely there for awhile and accumulated quickly. Now getting very slushy outside, especially on the roads.
  12. Turning more into a long duration event. Looks to snow well in into Thursday with that northern piece coming into play now.
  13. Looking at the 12z run of the NAM, this model shows the best outcome for a better phase of this system compared to most of the other models. Better interaction of both waves is what will be needed to throw moisture/snow farther NW of the system. GFS seems to be the only stingy model in this regard but at the end, it may be correct. All the other models say different outcome.
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