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  1. I guess this was bound to happen. Each year we go through this and Spring takes longer to kick in unfortunately. If it's going to snow then lets get a storm like the Denver area.
  2. Radar is bringing the goods. Wondering how long this will last into the afternoon
  3. Looks like the synoptic part seems to be back building on radar or lake enhancement or both.
  4. There have been many overperformers this month. Modeling on this one was not even close
  5. looking at 12z Nam it seems to keep snow going for most of the day. Love this kinda stuff
  6. Nice morning out with flakes flying. Lake has really been good to us this year and probably will continue the rest of the month.
  7. Looks like parts of Cook County getting raked right now. Been small flakes out this way so hope we can cash in on some of the heavy banding
  8. The late 70's was so amazing and this stretch we have had and this upcoming week will look a little like that. Really getting excited to say the least. Good luck to all and hope to being buried under mounds of snow.
  9. Looks like multiple bands are now showing up on radar. This should help in areal coverage and spread the wealth around multiple areas compared to just a single band. At the very least lake enhancement should be prime as we get going this afternoon into tomorrow. Downtown got hit pretty good with the first band it looks like.
  10. Starting to move more inland so hope to get in on this action
  11. NAM looking really good at the end of its run for the next system
  12. Off and on moderate snow at times here also. Roads are fully covered and very fluffy snow as you would expect
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