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  1. 12Z NAM and GFS more robust with the snow potential. Interesting possibilities with this one showing up.
  2. NAM was weaker but it was colder showing more snow. I'm guessing there will be snow and possibly heavy wherever it may fall. Winter not quite over yet
  3. NAM has been steadfast with its track for most of its model runs so you have to give it some credence. Even gives us farther north/east some decent snows.
  4. Looks like some snow squalls will be coming through later today with the cold front. Could make for a wintry ride home later.
  5. Really ripping out there now...wish it could last but better than what they were expecting. I believe the RAP did pretty well with this part of the storm.
  6. LOT mentions heavy snow in the early morning hours and RAP clearly shows this as well so maybe the RAP is onto something. Rain transitioning to a brief wintry mix and eventually all snow tonight and Thursday morning. Developing potential INVOF the Chicago-area sites for a brief burst of heavier snow roughly 9-13z.
  7. Maybe the High Res models have a better handle on the convection portion. Globals usually tend to push the storm farther south with convection so maybe they are overcompensating for this...just a thought.
  8. Based on how the winter season has gone, best guess would be on the low end and 2" is probably being generous
  9. It's the only model that has been steadfast for several runs now. Will see how it does the next couple runs compared to the Euro
  10. Looking like a high impact storm on the American models. Lets see if the other models follow which I am guessing they will at least be a little more amped
  11. Heading to Midway shortly to catch a flight. It should be ripping out that way
  12. Looks like parts of DuPage will do well with this setup
  13. By 0z hope it comes another 100 miles north
  14. 18z HRRR looks like a carbon copy to this map above
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