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  1. Do any of you remember Baghdad Bob from the Iraq Gulf War? The memes are a great look see and so is some of the video. As US Marines were entering Baghdad and had taken over he wailed and wailed at the CNN camera crew that the invaders had been turned back at the gates and that the Iraqi Air Force was knocking our jets out of the air. Classics. Just classics. Oh look, the 384 our GFS shows snow. Well D**n folks, get out the snow shovels. It's gonna happen. No. IT'S HAPPENING.........Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. This is one of the longest wet mild streaks I can remember. Makes me wonder what the flip side of the coin may look like. I'm not ever entirely sure we will see the flip side of the coin. This pattern is pretty locked in.
  3. Hit 61 here in The Swamp today. That is only 9 degrees from 70 and 19 degrees from 80. Yikes! December 10th is the day we get a warning shot. I talked to Old Man Winter and he says he is saving himself for mid-January.
  4. I'm not a scientist and I struggle to read these here models posted but I can remember for the last 50 years or so when we have these warm southerly AR type systems we usually flip the switch at some point and go into the deep freezer. Sometimes it's a quick hitter and other times it's a week to ten days of cold either with or with out snow. Once this things flips, and it will, all your teeth gnashing about hour 384 will be forgotten because the goodies will suddenly appear within 7 days and the signal will get stronger and it will happen. I'll say it again. December 10th the good stuff begins.
  5. 61 and beautiful in The Swamp. Yesterday for the most part was fantastic as well. The AR threat seems to peter out south of Seattle lately. Those folks up north are getting pounded though.
  6. 54 here in the swamp. i can feel good model runs ahead it has to happen it just does
  7. Once the switch is flipped we will get cold. Probably not until March though and we'll have 35 degree mixed rain and snow for a month.
  8. Still 54 degrees here in The Swamp. Absolutely fabulous day today. Had sun and nearly 60. Got lots of yard work done. Going to settle in soon here and watch the Huskies whoop some a**.
  9. 56 and beautiful sunshine. wow. what a day. what happened to the AR? Does it seem like every rainstorm is now called an AR for dramatic effect by the media? We used to just have a rain storm and dry off and then have another one.
  10. Looks like winter will slide east for a while. 9 times out of 10 it does. Waive to it as it slides into Montana and east.
  11. Slow night on the forum. Must be eating turkey or something. If the models were good there would still be four or five more pages. December 10th. Mark it down. Snowmageddon.
  12. #1 happens by December 10th and then there are snow events twice a month through March.
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