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  1. This is an incredible and unreal stretch. Fantastic!
  2. It's an incredible streak from the heavens. Maybe we can get an equally cold, dry, sunny streak like this in the winter with some cold dry snow and windy outflow? This stretch has been heaven sent. I love the sun and the warmth and am in seventh heaven.
  3. 92 here in The Swamp. What a glorious streak of beautiful summer weather. Unbelievable! Fantastic! Wow!
  4. When this pattern finally breaks, kind of like after a cold "snap", you think we can get an "over running" event that produces thunder and lightning? That would be cool.
  5. What a splendid beautiful sunny day from the heavens. My lord. Wow! Summer is here in The Swamp and we are sitting at a most comfortable 93. Isn't this great guys? Before you know it it will be raining and gray. Get out and go streaking if you can. Just live in the moment.
  6. It's quite "nippy" out this morning sitting at 65 in The Swamp. Could this be a sign of things to come? hmmmmmm
  7. What a beautiful day. A blessing from the heavens. 95 here in The Swamp! Wow. Just wow. Summer time...........
  8. not sure what The Swamp topped out at today but it's currently 85 Tim, a little marine push would be nice. You think you can get me another cloudy Saturday coming up?
  9. In the winter time there is always a warm up after the cool down. In the summer there is always a cool down after a warm up. Jim and Tim are always in the mix rooting on one or the other. Love this place!
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