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  1. Only 67 for Downtown LA today. Orange County was warmer and clouds even cleared off the coast in San Diego, which reached 72.
  2. Southern half of Orange County has cleared, but the low clouds will arrive early tonight and Downtown LA should keep the streak of below normal highs at 8 days.
  3. Much cooler and breezier today, but surprisingly Laguna Beach was not that cold with clouds thin enough to allow some of the sun's warmth through. Actually more breezy inland than at the immediate coast.
  4. For Los Angeles and San Diego, May and June are the cloudiest months of the year. Usually by mid-July the sea surface temperatures warm up enough to reduce the low clouds even at the beaches. The Central California and Northern California coasts as well as the OR and WA coast are typically cold and foggy all summer long. Also the PNW is cloudy pretty much most of the year except for the summer.
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